Creative Fabrica Review

Creative Fabrica Review-[30% OFF/Lifetime]


In this creative fabrica review, I am going to talk about my honest opinion about it when I purchase their subscription how much time I have used it and what was my experience.

And also how I get their monthly subscription of $29 per month of just the price of $10 per month and the discounted prices valid forever mean for a lifetime!

Also, I am going to give you a bonus discount which saves your money up to 30% on any plan if you buy.


Stick with this article at the end and you will be getting all your question answers related to creating a fabrica because I am going to answer almost all the major questions related to creative fabrica asked by the people.

Now let’s dive in.

Creative Fabrica Review!

What is creative fabrica?

Creative fabrica is one of the fastest-growing and largest digital marketplaces where people can sell digital products and customers buy them.

They have various categories of products like planners, books, crafts, wallpapers, fonts, logos, PNG, illustration work, and this is not enough because they are also growing day by day.

So they have also added a tutorial category where people can learn about digital art.

More they have coloring books for adults, coloring books for kids, logos, shape cloud, font cloud, and different types of backgrounds, and some other more stuff related to graphic designing.

I hope you understand what is actually a creative fabrica website.

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Creative Fabrica Fonts

In the Creative fabrica fonts Section, you will find 77000+ fonts, and this is not for all the time. Every day new fonts were added and they are growing day by day.

If you want to get all access to fonts which is 19 dollars you can use this coupon code to get an additional 30% off which is also valid for a lifetime as you will stay and you don’t need to pay 19 dollars again when you renew.

Also, you will get a lifetime personal or commercial license. So, you don’t need to worry about licensing of fonts.


Creative Fabrica Graphics

In terms of graphic creative fabrica will amaze you. Because they have right now more than 3.9 million graphics. Yes, 3.9 million graphics. ohoooooooo!

This is the huge amount of graphics that I found on this website.

As I already told you this is not the final amount they are adding day by day and almost every day. And the price is also amazing you can get it for $19 but, after applying this coupon code you can also get 30% off.

In graphics, you can get books related to kids like coloring books, adult books, planners, recipe planners, cooking books, backgrounds, product mockups, logos, and lots of more stuff.

Creative Fabrica Crafts

Creative fabrica review

Similarly in craft, Right now they have more than 55000+ craft art which you can get at a totally blazing price.

Guess what??

$19 per month or $15 per month or something else.

Yes, you are wrong!

You can get just 12 dollars for 3 months and the booster is there. My coupon code allows you to get an additional 30% off.

All craft files are available in these formats: SVG / PNG / DXF / EPS.

Creative Fabrica Classes

Creative fabrica review

In classes, you will find different courses of different authors or sellers.

You will get video courses in different categories related to different arts by which you can learn how to create a particular art digitally or physically.

And here again, creative fabrica going to surprise you.

Because you don’t need to buy each course/class separately. You just need to buy a subscription which is so much lower, even lower than $10/month and you will get access to all courses.

Creative Fabrica Font Cloud

Creative Fabrica Font Cloud

The fontcloud is also amazing especially for designers or for those who are making and building their own fonts.

Also, this is a free tool that can utilize without paying anything so don’t wait to check out here.

This is for those people who love to see live previews fonts. Because it allows you to upload your own fonts and type whatever you want and you can see a live preview of the particular fonts.

You can see more here.

Creative Fabrica Shapecloud

creative fabrica shapecloud

The shapecloud of Creative fabrica is really eye-catching and attractive. This is actually a tool that allows you to create different types of shapes of different words.

You can add different words, and then select a preferred shape. It will automatically generate for you.

Also, the best part is that they are giving you so flexibility with it.

Like you can, upload your own shape, you can choose your favorite font, also they have existing shapes from which you can choose and download your design. I will highly recommend you to check out this. So amazing.

In color options, they are giving you one color or schema-type color. Where you can get a different color scheme which is so amazing as you can see in the above picture.

Creative Fabrica Webfont

creative fabrica webfont

Creative fabrica Webfont generator allows you to upload your own phone in .otf or .ttf format. And it will automatically convert it to a Webfont package.

And when you want to download you can get in these formats. .woff, .woff2, .eot & .svg. 

This is also a free tool so you don’t need to pay anything and you can try it for free here.

Creative Fabrica Pod

reative Fabrica Pod

POD means to print on demand. Here you will also get a huge database of assets like as you can see in the picture.

Right now they have more than 346000 and I already told you they are added day by day so increasing every day.

Similarly, in POD you can download a single file by paying a one-time price for a particular file or you can get a monthly subscription to access all of them.

And you don’t need to pay again for a whole month and you can download whatever you want.

Creative Fabrica Bundle

creative fabrica bundle

The CB bundle is also so amazing and surprises you really. But how?

Let’s see.

As you can see in the above picture in the bundle section there are many different bundles available which you can buy at a particular price.

But the surprise is here.

As you can see at the top of the picture they are giving you a pick “n” mix option.

This allows you to add any 30 bundles to your cart. Yes, any 30 and then just you need to pay $17 dollar.

Yes! You heard right! Just $17 this is so amazing.

So whenever I found this I say try this.

And you can see the results are here.

creative fabrica bundle

Now, this is the surprise by Creative fabrica.

I also have a surprise for you because I love my reader. You can find a coupon code by which we can get an additional 30% discount.

So don’t waste your time and get it as soon as possible this is only limited to 100 people.

Here you can find bundles: click here.

But if you want to get the pick “n” mix then you can find it here: Click Here!

Creative Fabrica Freebies

creative fabrica freebies

In CB freebies, they are adding different paid items for free. Right now they have more than 60000 + freebies for your education see in the above picture.

You can download any of them without paying anything.

Freebies are also a really great collection of paid items in which included bundles, crafts, fonts, and more.

Creative Fabrica Discount Deals

Creative Fabrica Discount Deals

If you are with a tight budget then you can definitely check out this category.

Here are almost all the items you can get just for $1 yes just for $1. The items they are giving at a discount price are really discounted from their actual price.

Also, the prices vary from $5 to $10 to $15 $30 but they are giving just for one dollar.

My Journey with Creative Fabrica

I have bought their subscription in 2020  because I need some KDP interiors for my Amazon KDP businesses so I subscribe to creative fabrica.

The normal price of Creative fabrica is $29 per month if you want to get full access and there are other two subscription options available.

if you don’t want to get full access what do you need to do?

I will discuss this later at the end of this article.


if a person subscribes to creative fabrica he will have access to full website content.

Like if you buy their monthly full access subscription you are able to download each and everything at any time without any type of limitation.

This is the best part of this website which I like the most means you can download more than 50 files in a day.

Yes, you heard right currently there is no limitation but I don’t know about the future.


when you subscribe to creative fabrica you are getting some extra benefits.

and some other tools which are so helpful for any graphic designer.

My proof!

creative fabrica all access subscription

Creative Fabrica subscription

Creative Fabrica Review

As you can see that right now they have four payment options. You can choose whichever suits you. After that apply this coupon code to get an additional 30% off.

Now let’s talk about the bonuses of Creative Fabrica.

As I promise to you that I will definitely provide you the bonus tip and the end of this article so here it is.

As I told you the normal price of the Creative Fabrica website is $29 per month if you want full access.

And if you want to get at a particular subscription-like graphics, craft or fonts or something else then you need to pay a particular price, as you can see above in the picture where I talk about price,

But the bonus is that if you buy any of their plans and you can use this coupon code you will be getting 30% off.

Use this to get it. Only Available for 100 people!

Creative fabric coupon code.

So Be fast to get it.

The Second way to get a Discount is sometimes they launch their monthly subscription promo code or offer where you can get their $29 per month package just for $9 dollars.

Yes you heard right this is the bonus part you can get a $29 per month package just for $9 but.

These types of promos are so Limited like they are ending in just one day or sometimes in some hours.

Creative Fabrica Review

so if you want to get at the perfect time you can subscribe to my newsletter where I will send outstanding deals discounts, coupons, not only from creative fabrica but from another website to save money.

And you can also visit my YouTube channel and subscribe to it because I am also uploading this type of content and discount videos at a too-early time so people can take benefit.

Creative Fabrica FAQ

Yes, creative fabrica is 100% legit. You can read my full review and my journey with creative fabrica along with the discount code above or click here to get it.

Yes, creative fabrica is 100% percent safe. You can make payments on their website, and you can download their file.

I have already used their subscription and written my review about it. Find here.

Yes, the creative fabrica also has a freebie section where they are providing files for free but do not the whole website assets are not free. Only the file they provide is free.

They have a large number of Designing products like more than 4 million and you can get a few files from them for free. Also, you can get a discount of 30% off if you use this coupon code.

Yes, definitely creative fabrica worth it. Because you can get the whole access to their website which has more than 4 million assets.

You can download anything you want without any limitations. And just you need to pay a small monthly fee. Also if you apply this coupon code you can get an additional 30% off which is valid forever as you keep your subscription active.

Yes, definitely creative fabrica worth it. Because you can get the whole access to their website which has more than 4 million assets.

You can download anything you want without any limitations. And just you need to pay a small monthly fee. Also if you apply this coupon code you can get an additional 30% off which is valid forever as you keep your subscription active.

How Does Creative Fabrica Work?

Creative fabrica work in a simple way. They allow people to sell their work on creative fabrica. And on the other hand, they allow customers to buy any of their favorite products and make payments.

And in between creative fabrica get their commission and pay a remaining fee to the seller according to their terms and conditions.


I will highly recommend you to go and buy a creative fabrica all-access subscription because I don’t know any other website which can provide millions of graphic assets at just $9 per month-10/Month-11 Month or something else even $29.

You can use a coupon code to get an additional 30% discount

So it is totally worth the price and also we don’t have any type of download limitation and anything else.

And suppose if you don’t like it. You also have the option to cancel at any time so you don’t need to worry about anything else.

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