RECnGO Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

RECnGO Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

RECnGO Lifetime Deal

If you’re a videographer, broadcaster, influencer, or just breaking into the gig economy, you can start claiming a bigger slice of the video space today with this mobile-first streaming & video recording tool pro videographers love.

Adjust latency settings manually when you need to (low/med/high). Save the final production on your studio device, plus save the sound & footage for each camera angle. Manage your projects in advance with the in-app project management feature.

Turn the flash on/off independently on each device remotely from the studio device. Switch between the front and back cameras remotely from the studio device. Adjust the zoom and white balance on your external cameras/devices remotely.

Use as many devices and camera angles as you need – you can link up to 12 phones and tablets into a streaming chain (as long as they’re on the same WiFi or shared 4G/5G).

For a more immersive experience audiences love, switch between camera angles often (vs. making a single-camera yawn-inducing production). Switch between the front and back cameras without walking up to the device – handy during Q&As when the mic is handed to someone in the audience.

Adjust the white balance on the individual cameras – perfect when the sun decides to come out/hide and the video suddenly goes cold/warm.

Turn the flash on and off independently for each device – ideal on cloudy days when the room becomes darker and what was a bright spot when you set up is now dark.

Zoom in and out on the individual cameras – insanely useful for whiteboard presentations with ridiculously small letters even the audience in the room can’t see.

Insert logos, speaker names, and other visuals during your live stream – giving it an instant “It’s like a TV show!” wow factor.

Chose from six transitioning and fading options. Adjust and balance the sound for each device independently from the audio mixer – this is huge. When you see people chatting next to a device you’re using to record, you can mute the mic from where you sit! Shhh!

Grab your seat in this powerful video production studio today and bedazzle your clients with broadcast-quality productions (you can change premium for).

RECnGO Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Use with your iOS & Android devices (phones/iPads/tablets)
  • Livestream to social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch & RTMP) with a simple tap
  • Avoid unexpected bills for streaming — serverless solution
  • Record in broadcast-quality
  • 12 camera angles/devices for a seamless streaming experience (*same WiFi/shared 4/5G)
  • Edit your stream live (switch camera angles, manage sound, etc)
  • Add visual inserts during streams, e.g. graphics, logos, video, audio & text
  • Choose from 6 different transition & fading effects
  • Adjust or mute the sound on the individual devices independently from the studio device
  • Save your production on the local device(s) or in the cloud
  • Automatic bitrate balancing provide a 10-sec buffer
  • Automatic bitrate balancing takes care of data flow from you external cameras (in nearby rooms)
  • Watch the app’s guided tour on demand when you need to remind yourself of key features

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