Sturppy Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Sturppy Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Sturppy Lifetime Deal

With Sturppy Lifetime Deal you can create a financial model for your business and create reports that can be shared with both your investors and your team.

No matter if you’re going to create your first financial model or if you’ve done it a hundred times, Sturppy makes it easy for you to share your finances.

The most important part is that the forecast can be customized for multiple businesses models, such as SaaS, mobile apps, marketing agencies, robotics manufacturing, and so on!

It only takes a few minutes to answer a few simple questions about your idea for a business or your existing business and the tool will guide you through the process in a straightforward and easy manner.

Best of all, you will be able to craft a customized, investor-ready model based on your answers in less than 20 minutes using the Smart Model Builder.

The Sturppy financial statements automate the process of creating and formatting your balance sheet, cash flow statement, and income statement based on the data you input into the model.

Create a hiring plan that scales with your startup’s growth by conceptualizing a hiring strategy that can accommodate a growing team and business.

Capitalization tables allow you to build models of your equity and ownership splits and account for current or future funding rounds.

Although it is virtually impossible to predict the future of your business, you can generate upside and downside options for your business model at the click of a button.

Small businesses and startups are seldom built on their own. Regardless of whether you are a solo founder, you probably rely on mentors or early hires for help getting your finances in order.

With an interactive dashboard, collaborators can build a specific part of a financial model or the entire financial model instead of a static Excel sheet.

Even if you have several products or startups, there is no need for you to be concerned. Managing multiple financial models from a single account allows you to get a comprehensive view of the overall picture.

Whether you wish to integrate your company’s branding and colors into the entire project or just your graphs or KPIs, you can choose to do it.

Are you trying to come up with a winning pitch for your business?

In an effort to develop a Q&A flashcard game, Sturppy interviewed over fifty top venture capital companies to create a resource that will help you develop the perfect pitch and business model.

Once all of your model and plan details have been finalized, provide a read-only link to prospective investors.

This will inform you which investors have seen your model and when they viewed it.

Whenever you make changes in your business model, the modifications will automatically be reflected in the version that you shared.

As a further security measure, if you ever need help, you can access the in-app live chat to get in touch with our financial modeling experts who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Sturppy Features:

  • Financial model builder
  • Preview link for investors
  • Export to Excel
  • Cap table management
  • Custom branding
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited internal projects

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