11Sight Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

11Sight Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

11Sight Lifetime Deal

11Sight is a browser-based, one-click video, audio, chat, and web conferencing solution for desktop and mobile.

With 11Sight, you get a personal, encrypted e-line link that acts a lot like an email address. When people use it, they’re able to connect directly with you!

Use the e-link to receive video and audio calls straight from any browser, email, social media profile or post, or anywhere on the web.

You can connect with people in their moment of need without scheduling a meeting, downloading any apps, or signing in anywhere.

Plus, you’ll get call forwarding, multi-line ringing, three-way calling, and call history with just the click of a button. Create an encrypted e-line link to receive video and audio calls straight from anywhere on the web.
11Sight lets you schedule, host, or join HD video or audio group meetings right from your browser and mobile device.

In the e-room, you can chat, exchange files, screen capture, and screen share with other people. Host up to 20 people in a room with the option to password-protect the session for added security.

You can even share the video recording on YouTube for those who couldn’t make it!

Record meetings, chat, and share your screen or files with up to 20 people in one e-room.
Add a smart button to any website to connect with your site visitors in one click, allowing you to reach them on the spot, instead of after the fact.

You can even use the button to capture lead data, add external applications, and provide one-click video, audio, and chat interactions for your website visitors.

And thanks to the one-click integration with WordPress sites, you can accelerate your revenue generation without a growing headcount.

Increase your conversion rate by connecting with visitors scrolling on your website.
The party doesn’t stop just because you’re out of the office!

Get the Android or iOS app for a seamless engagement experience, no matter where you are.

Audio and video calls go directly to your mobile device, so you can effortlessly keep in contact with your team or customers anytime.

Get 11Sight for mobile on iOS and Android to reach prospects anywhere. 11Sight gets rid of the hurdles with one-click video and audio calls—no more downloading, scheduling, or signing in!

11Sight Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Website super button
  • Unlimited call time
  • Multi-line ringing
  • Chat, audio calls, and video calls
  • Screen sharing and file sharing
  • Call forwarding and three-way calling
  • Link tracker
  • QR codes
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Video storage: up to 20 GB stored for 60 days
  • 6 user seats
  • 6 e-line addresses
  • 6 personal meeting room addresses
  • 2 conference room addresses
  • 20 hours of video recording included (additional hours available for purchase)
  • Remove 11Sight branding
  • e-line call orchestration
  • 5 CNAME links

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