ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal

In ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal you can schedule your appointments online, earn reward coins, and keep track of your appointments as you book and manage them.

There is a powerful setup page in ACE Meetings that simplifies the process of scheduling a meeting so that you don’t have to play email tag to schedule a meeting ever again.

As soon as you sign up, you can quickly set availability preferences. You can add buffers between calls and choose multiple duration options, all in just a few minutes.

Furthermore, if your calendar is open for the whole day, you can mark your preferred meeting times in order to remind your guests to meet during these times.

It is even possible to sync your Google or Office 365 calendars so that you do not make a double booking across different accounts using the same calendar.

The booking page URL will be generated once you plug in your availability and duration.

As part of our ACE Meetings service, we will generate a personalized URL that directs your customers directly to your booking page, whether you share the URL directly or embed it on your website.

Make sure you add mandatory questions to the booking page, so people can share their reasons for the meeting, and so that you are well prepared for the meeting.

The booking page will also be customizable so that it is a natural extension of your brand, as you’ll be able to customize colors, logos, and descriptions.

There is also the option of creating separate meeting booking pages for different types of meetings, such as demos, partnerships, sales, or personal calls, as well as creating different types of booking pages for each type.

From your branded calendar page, guests can easily schedule meetings with you.

As part of the ACE Meetings application, you can also choose from an array of meeting types such as one-on-one meetings, round robins, and group meetings.

You will receive a confirmation email once you have booked the call in your calendars, and all attendees will receive a link to the video conference via email once the call is booked.

You can also use this feature to remind your invitees a few days before the call to make sure they do not miss the call.

The ACE Meetings platform makes it easy for you to request a new meeting time directly from the meeting platform if you need to reschedule. It is not necessary to switch over to email to accomplish this.

On one streamlined dashboard, you will also be able to keep track of all the different meeting types, scheduled conference calls, and past events.

With this super simple dashboard, it is possible to keep tabs on upcoming events and call history for a variety of meeting types.

It’s also worth mentioning that ACE Meetings is the only online scheduling tool that allows users to earn reward coins for completing actions on the platform.

If you own ACE coins, you will be able to use them for in-app perks as well as to participate in the governance of the ACE Ecosystem as a member of the ecosystem.

Moreover, since you have access to a multi-user account, you can reap the benefits whenever you invite a team member or as soon as they complete a task, such as requesting a booking or referring a friend.

ACE Meetings Features:

  • Meeting rules, buffers, and limits
  • Meeting history
  • Custom booking forms
  • Preferred times
  • Reschedule meetings
  • Email notifications
  • Embed on your website
  • Remove ACE Meetings branding
  • custom subdomain
  • All calendar and conferencing providers
  • Zapier integration
  • Multiple users
  • Custom confirmation page
  • Confirmation page redirect
  • Unlimited users
  • Earn ACE coins
  • Group sessions
  • SMS notifications

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