AskEdith Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

AskEdith Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

AskEdith Lifetime Deal

AskEdith is an AI English-to-SQL translator that empowers anyone to work with CSV, Google Sheets, Airtable, and SQL databases.

The simple-to-use platform makes databases and data warehouses accessible for non-analysts and business users, while also helping backlogged data teams be more productive.

Data analysis feeling a little tedious? Answering ad hoc questions is the least creative and most disrupting part of data analytics.

What if you could just use plain English? Ask questions as complex as needed, and get the corresponding SQL in return.

Meet Edith, your personal data assistant. And she’s here to help you save an hour a day. Integrate & accelerate your workflow now!

1.) Connect Your Data. Connect to databases and data warehouses.

2.) Ask a Question. Generate SQL by asking plain English questions.

3.) Generate SQL. Verify the results and copy the generated SQL.

Connect to your data sources directly and query them in real-time.

Google Sheets
Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon Athena
…and more coming soon!

AskEdith Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Connect SQL databases
  • Connect Google Sheets
  • Connect Airtable
  • Connect data warehouses
  • Create shareable projects
  • Save queries
  • English-to-SQL
  • CSV data source
  • Ask data questions
  • API access
  • SQL databases

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