Boei Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Boei Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Boei Lifetime Deal!

By conversing with visitors on their preferred channels, Boei Lifetime Deal boosts conversions.
Did you know that visitors avoid contacting you because they are unable to discover the communication method that they prefer?

Furthermore, people abandon your website without converting. These are issues that you must overcome to expand your firm.

Boei enables you to communicate with your website visitors using their preferred methods.

You may even continue the conversation after they leave your website. Visitors may also contact you by their preferred method, which allows you to create leads on autopilot.

It’s really simple to set up, and you don’t even need a developer. Furthermore, boei is cookie-free and gdpr compliant.

In the body, you can use the following integrations. You have complete freedom to choose from the following options: what’s app, Facebook messenger, telegram, google maps,

Furthermore, email, skype, direct call, Instagram, intercom chat, crisp chat, Twitter d ms, Snapchat, links, Line, Viber, calendly, Twitter page, Facebook page, waze… and more will be added soon!

Every language is supported. Each line of text that your consumer’s view may be changed.

Attract the attention of your consumers. Next to your button, place a call to action. This serves as a reminder to visitors to contact you.

When you’re sleeping, hide the options. When you’re not in the workplace, hide particular aids (such as your phone or what’s app).

Obtain knowledge, get weekly data on your button’s clicks and interactions.

Personalize to your desire, the boat should be a good fit for your company. Set the color, size, and location of your images/logos, among other things.

In Boei Lifetime Deal You can give a form for providing feedback, a built-in form collects consumer feedback without requiring the user to leave the website. The results may be sent to you by email, Slack, or a webhook (e.g. for zapier).

All of the text can be changed. Add a remark area if desired. Send the findings to your email address. Results should be sent to a Slack channel. Results should be sent via a webhook (e.g. for zapier)

Visitors can ask inquiries without leaving the website using the built-in contact form. Form for registering for a newsletter, a signup form for the newsletter is included on the page.

Call me back form, a signup form for the newsletter is included on the page.

Boei Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Get more leads, calls, and chats from your website visitors via their favorite channels
  • Keep conversations going even after customers left your website
  • Install Boei on WordPress, Shopify, Ghost, HTML, and many other platforms — you won’t even need a developer!
  • Best for: Marketing teams and business owners looking to get more leads and offer better support.
  • Lifetime access to Boei
  • 25 sites
  • Contact & Lead Generation Widget
  • Contact Form
  • Call-to-Action feature
  • Newsletter sign-up form
  • Customize colors & position
  • Add Discord, Messenger, Twitter, Line, SMS
  • Add Snapchat, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp
  • Add Intercom, Live Agent, Quriobot, Skype
  • Connect Social Profiles
  • Connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Integrate with Calendly, Email, Google Maps & Waze
  • Install Boei on WordPress, Shopify, custom HTML
  • Remove “by Boei” branding
  • Support included.

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