ChatABC Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

ChatABC Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

ChatABC Lifetime Deal

ChatABC is the ultimate chat tool that lets you choose between GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, giving you the flexibility to use your free or premium accounts right away.

Customize your prompts to create the perfect “character” for your needs. Turn ChatGPT into your own marketing consultant or choose from pre-made character prompts like personal trainers or professional chefs with just one click.

No need for prompt engineering! You can easily choose your output language, tone, writing style, and formats to match your preferences.

The user-friendly chat interface of ChatABC provides easy access to pre-made prompts and modifiers.

Train ChatGPT with private, offline, or downloadable text by simply copy-pasting short text or uploading a PDF file. The split-screen view allows real-time interaction with uploaded text or documents, providing precise page numbers and locations.

Browse the prompt library to find prompts for common use cases such as writing social ads, blog posts, or marketing emails.

Save your favorite prompts to your own library for quick access. Organize chats into folders to easily find what you need without scrolling through every session.

Share ChatGPT outputs with your team using a public URL. Team members can continue the conversation right where someone left off, loading the entire conversation in their own window.

Take advantage of white-labeling options and use your own domain to offer this service to your clients.

ChatABC Lifetime Deal provides team features, allowing you to share access to ChatGPT sessions with your entire team without requiring individual accounts.

ChatABC Features:

  • Money Back Guarantee- No Matter the reason.
  • Host your own domain
  • Model settings (GPT-4 supported)
  • Folders
  • Use your own OpenAI API key
  • Upload documents
  • Prompt library (150+ built-in prompts and all future added prompts)
  • Prompt library customization
  • Organize chats
  • Team collaboration
  • Custom branding
  • Azure-hosted OpenAI models
  • All OpenAI, Azure AI, and newly added models (GPT-4 supported)
  • 25 team members
  • Unlimited ChatGPT usage (via your Open API key)
  • Custom domain and branding

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