Clinked Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Clinked Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Clinked Lifetime Deal!

Clinked Lifetime Deal is a white-label client onboarding software that allows you to securely onboard clients, share documents with them, and collaborate with them while managing your projects.

Clinked allows users to easily share documents, tasks, conversations, events, and other items in a centralized and safe location.

The cloud-based portal allows you to easily send and upload files of any size, chat with other users, set deadlines and milestones, and schedule meetings with clients, among other features.

Clinked gives you the ability to store large documents, presentations, and contact lists on its large amount of storage capacity.

Keeping your information in one place is easy with Clinked. It integrates with Zapier, Google Workspace, LinkedIn, DocuSign, AdobeSign, and Jotform, so you do not have to log into multiple applications.

In addition to getting a better user experience and satisfaction, Clinked LTD helps to improve employee productivity.

Implement a white-label, client portal that is fully customizable to meet the needs of all your clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Also, you may be able to create and configure a customized area for each unique client or project, which will enable you to share files and collaborate in real-time.

Creating a seamless user experience starts with choosing a custom URL for your portal.

Using Clinked project management tools, which let you assign tasks and create due dates right in the portal itself, you get everything you need to ensure tasks are completed on time and according to specification.

Keep all your team members on the same page by using group notes, activity streams, and thorough audit trails to help you handle projects efficiently and effectively.

It is also possible to sync Clinked event calendar with other tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Outlook, so you will never miss a meeting.

In Clinked mobile apps (iOS and Android), you and your clients will be able to access everything, anywhere, through their existing tools that can easily be integrated.

You can ensure the highest level of data security by using bank-grade security, SSL in transit, and AES encryption at rest. You can also rely on other security measures like 2-factor authentication and complex passwords to provide the highest level of data protection.

Admins are also able to make changes to user permissions and see all user activity on the audit trail.

Clinked Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Clinked branded mobile app
  • Unlimited guest users
  • Unlimited groups
  • Push notifications
  • Reply by email
  • Real-time group chat
  • Personal domain
  • Integrations: Google Workspace, Zapier, and Jotform
  • DocuSign and Adobe Sign (DocuSign requires a subscription and Adobe Sign requires an Enterprise subscription)
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Shared link password security and link expiration controls
  • API access
  • User permission control
  • All Standard Plan Features
  • 45 members
  • 150 GB storage
  • Option to remove ‘Powered by Clinked’ logo from the login page
  • White-label email notifications

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