Contactinbio Lifetime Deal

Contactinbio Lifetime Deal

Contactinbio Lifetime Deal!

Contactinbio is an extremely powerful tool to create micro landing pages for your Instagram that drives traffic and increase your sales and grow your business.

We know that Instagram only allows one link in our bio. But think what if we convert that link into a landing page.

You know that landing pages allow us to customize in a way by which we want.

So we can add text, images, browse all images, videos, products with cart and checkout URL, sign up, contact form, and a lot of more stuff in a single landing page.

The Contactinbio allows you to see all your stats of your audience in one place. It will give you in that analytics and demographics of your audience with a neat and clean category like country-wise, date-wise, and language for each site visitor.

It will also allow you to integrate your landing pages with Google Analytics to collect your visitor data and you can use it on Facebook for retargeting and your sales will increase.

Contactinbio will also give you the functionality to collect email of your audience so they will able to subscribe to an email list.

You are also able to customize your page according to your own choice and choose the color which matches your brand to increase your brand awareness and engage your audience with your brand.

You can customize the size of Text type, text color, background color, font size, and more to make it eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Contactinbio Lifetime Deal Feature:

  • Win micro-moments and drive social media sales by adding calls to action: text, multimedia, product links, or contact forms
  • Showcase your services and products with images, videos, or with a carousel of images
  • Track your visitors with Google Analytics, retarget with Facebook Pixel, and get in-depth analytics
  • Best for: Influencers and brand marketers looking to drive more sales and traffic from social media.
  • Lifetime access to ContactInBio
  • All future plan updates
  • Stack up to 5 codes
  • All features above included
  • Your Custom Profile/Bio Url
  • Custom Links and Link Clicks Tracking
  • Social Media and WhatsApp Buttons
  • Page Visitors Analytics + Google Analytics
  • Complete customization of your text, fonts, links, buttons, colors, styles, and page design
  • Email Sign up and Collection
  • Facebook Pixel & Mailchimp Integration
  • Instagram Shoppable Feed
  • Update Twitter Card Description
  • Link Thumbnails
  • Change Page title, Favicon, & Apple touch icon
  • Video and Image Uploading
  • Carousel of Images
  • Custom Domain.

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