ContextMinds Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

ContextMinds Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

ContextMinds Lifetime Deal

You probably need to create new content ideas on a regular basis, whether you are a content marketer or writer.

You may have to spend days and days researching keywords, brainstorming topics, and finally, finding a way to bring those thousands of ideas together into one sensible and cohesive project.

It’s ContextMinds: the place where you can gather all your notes, organize them visually, and brainstorm about them.

In addition to providing a continuous stream of related topics, keywords, and web results,

it also offers suggestions for related topics on the basis of your search criteria, speeding up your research and ideas generation process tremendously.

It is so simple: It is a whiteboard where you can write down ideas and notes that can be arranged into mind maps, boards, and outlines.

On the other side of the whiteboard is a list of related keywords and topics which gets updated dynamically as you add stuff to the whiteboard.

There is no need to leave the app in order to do a web search – all items on your board will be displayed alongside web results.

Add keywords and topics to the board and link them together to create your own custom content structure in just a few seconds!

Afterward, you will be able to pitch your ideas and look like a professional. Take a look at it in action.

You can use it to find topic & keyword ideas & to research and organize them in a visual manner. Instead of spending hours preparing original, fresh content, you can get started in minutes.

It is possible to quickly capture many ideas, connect them, and then finally create an outline of them.

Get rid of writer’s block with the help of artificial intelligence. Identify the most relevant related keywords to your business.

When you add topics to your content map, artificial intelligence suggests the most relevant keywords related to those topics.

There is nothing like having a brainstorming partner who is well versed on the internet as a whole. Organize your research into a content map.

You can drag and drop ideas, arrange them, and connect them as you get them.

You can create a content outline for anything from a single article to an entire content strategy.

Using your chosen topics, associated keywords, and connections between them, ContextMinds creates a library of content ideas for you based on Artificial Intelligence.

The tool offers the opportunity for you to quickly access past ideas so that the tool can generate suggestions that are even more relevant to you.

You can also ask ContextMinds to make suggestions on any topic if you get stuck for ideas.

It makes no difference whether you are searching for aardvarks, zyzzyvas, or anything in between, we have you covered.

The topics that are suggested are based on the most commonly searched terms.

You can use ContextMinds to answer users’ questions and appear higher in search engine results as well.

ContextMinds Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Unlimited related topic suggestions
  • 6000 related keyword & question lookups per month
  • AI-generated paragraphs on 1500 topics per month
  • 1500 related web result suggestions per month
  • Unlimited drafting of outlines, briefs and content strategies
  • Unlimited link-based sharing

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