CVViZ Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

CVViZ Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

CVViZ Lifetime Deal!

The CVViZ recruitment platform is a cutting-edge cloud-based solution that simplifies the tedious and time-consuming process of recruiting.

By making the hiring process more efficient, you will save money, time, and effort by going straight from posting a job to making an offer of employment in a matter of minutes.

There is no additional cost for recruiters to source candidates, plus it is extremely easy for you to post your jobs on multiple free job sites with a single click.

Furthermore, it allows you to search on platforms such as GitHub, StackOverflow, etc. For top candidates.

In case you wish to promote your job openings on paid job boards, CVViZ LTD has an integrated platform with nearly 2000 paid job boards worldwide.

Among its many features is that it offers extremely attractive discounts (up to 40 %) on most of the top job boards, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.

By using CVViZ Lifetime Deal, you can screen resumes according to the job description and based on the last few hires you have made.

It is possible for hiring managers to conduct video interviews with candidates.

The hiring manager and recruiter can track candidates’ progress throughout the interview process, collect feedback during the interview, and send out job offers with a single click.

By signing up for CVViZ today, you can experience a more streamlined hiring process and gain lifetime access to CVViZ.

It’s an AI recruiting software that finds the right candidates for the right jobs, matches qualified candidates with appropriate positions, offers insights into the hiring process, and enhances the quality of hire.

CVViZ is a technology that helps you improve the quality of your hiring process through artificial intelligence.

It is essential to reach out as soon as possible to the right candidates in high-volume hiring or niche hiring.

It is cvviz software Pvt ltd that gives you that competitive edge! With artificial intelligence for recruitment, the process of choosing the right candidates can begin as soon as the job posting becomes available.

Additionally, it can be integrated with existing applicant tracking systems (ATS) to add an intelligent layer to your existing recruiting system.

You can post jobs on multiple paid and free job sites at the same time.

Your job will be posted on 20+ free job boards once you submit it. We have access to over 2000 job boards around the world.

You can screen candidates using artificial intelligence. Screen, match, and rank resumes by using NLP and machine learning algorithms

Engaging and hiring candidates is the core of your business. The best candidates should be engaged, followed up on, and offered a job opportunity.

CVViZ Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money-back guarantee!
  • Job Management:
  • Manage up to 5 jobs
  • If you need more than 5 job postings, you can buy multiple codes.
  • (E.g. For 10 jobs, you will have to buy 2 codes.)
  • For unlimited job postings and unlimited users, you will have to buy 5 codes.
  • Post jobs to 15+ free job boards, Google for jobs, social media, LinkedIn, and many other platforms
  • Up to 40% discounts on top job boards worldwide
  • Share jobs with recruitment agencies and directly receive resumes in CVViZ
  • Design career pages and list active jobs automatically on your website
  • Set pre-screening questions for every job
  • Candidate Sourcing & Management:
  • Search & import candidates’ profiles from various job boards & other platforms
  • Import resumes from emails in bulk
  • Chrome extension to import profiles directly into CVViZ from job boards like Indeed
  • Take notes, manage history, feedback
  • Export candidate tracking list into an Excel sheet
  • Manage job offers
  • AI for Resume Screening:
  • Screen resumes contextually, going beyond keyword matching
  • Match & Rank candidates based on your hiring pattern
  • Discover best-matched candidates automatically in your database
  • Interviews, Calendar, Communication:
  • Schedule & Conduct Video Interviews
  • Manage your calendar events · Integrate & sync your emails within CVViZ just like a CRM
  • Create or choose from various email templates
  • Bulk emailing to candidates
  • Collaboration:
  • Easily collaborate among hiring managers, recruiters, recruitment agencies, and candidates
  • Seamlessly share resumes, take notes, store interview feedback, etc
  • Auto notifications & reminders
  • Powerful Search:
  • Elastic search Technology for quick and accurate results
  • Search candidate database using keywords
  • Full-text search – find anything and everything
  • Use Boolean search operators and a wide range of filters
  • Resume Database Management:
  • Resume parsing
  • Quick resume summary
  • Resume storage over AWS cloud
  • Identify and avoid duplicate resumes
  • Recruitment Analytics:
  • Track all-important recruitment metrics such as Time to Fill, Users details, etc
  • Export or download reports into Excel sheets, pdf, jpg

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