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Dark Reader- Enable Dark Mode Instantly on All Website

Dark Reader is a Chrome extension that allows you to enable dark mode in your Google Chrome browser. It not only helps you in working online but it will also make your eyes work more effectively.

This extension comes with a lot of features in which included brightness, contrast, and sepia, and some others use full features.

  1. Brightness

In brightness, you can easily adjust it according to your need. You can also adjust the brightness on different websites according to their look and design.

2. Contrast

You can also set contrast in a way you want. You can adjust brightness and contrast and make an excellent combination to use it according to your need and your work type.

3. Sepia

This is also an amazing feature of it. It Will help you to change your screen color tone to a yellowish tone. This is Especially good for night work if you are working on your PC/Laptop or another device at night then this is the best option for you which you can use and save your eyes.

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