DecisionRules Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

DecisionRules Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

DecisionRules Lifetime Deal

With DecisionRules Lifetime Deal you can develop complex business rules without writing a single line of code. You can create custom rule flows to optimize results.

The DecisionRules application comes with an intuitive, easy-to-use UI offering a quick and easy way to create decision tables – without coding skills, no coding experience necessary!

Make use of the built-in, Excel-like functions to create rules and introduce variables to each table on the fly, or even customize your own using the table metadata.

You can export table conditions as JSON code or an Excel document, and you can also edit the JSON output. In addition,

you get a simple, no-code input and output editor as well as a JSON editor.

The decision table designer has a test bench that allows you to quickly run your rules to check if they work correctly and debug them, all without leaving the DecisionRules interface.

Would you like to show off your tech skills? It is possible to construct and manage more complex, customized rules using DecisionRules‘ scripting rules.

The software allows you to write rules in JavaScript and then use the Monaco editor for syntax pre-population to simplify the programming process.

Plus, if you would like to create a logic management system that supports all levels of complexity, you can even integrate the simpler decision tables into the more technical scripted rules.

It is possible to organize rules into private spaces which allows you to manage all the rules attached to your tasks in one place,

making it easier for your whole team to collaborate and manage the rules.

Is it possible to organize rules by department so employees can access and modify rules inside the designated spaces of their workplace?

It is even possible to use spaces to organize environments according to a certain project life cycle, sorting them according to phases like development, testing, and production.

Using Spaces, you will be able to customize the roles and permissions that will be granted to each user in a space as well as invite colleagues directly into their spaces.

You can also connect decision tables or scripting rules to create logical rule flows that optimize rule management.

Map input variables and output data for each rule, and link them in your desired order on a drag-and-drop canvas to enable data flow between your rules.

You’ll be able to test your rule flows using the debugging tool, and view results from each step.

Plus, DecisionRules is equipped with version control, so you can store past versions of your rules and recover them at any time.

DecisionRules Features:

  • Decision tables
  • Scripting rules
  • Rule versioning
  • JSON import and export
  • Rule solver REST API
  • Rule flow solver API
  • Excel import and export
  • Role management permissions
    10 users
  • 10 spaces
  • 70 rules
  • 20 rule flows
  • 10 rules per flow
  • 400,000 API calls per month
  • Advanced role management permissions
  • Manageme

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