Directual Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Directual Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Directual Lifetime Deal!

Use a slick visual interface to get all of the power of coding in a no-code manner. Directual Lifetime Deal is a framework for building apps that combines the strength of traditional coding with a visual no-code approach.

Directual allows you to monitor and track your app’s statistics from the main app dashboard, giving you access to the front end, back end, and API layers all in one location.

You may also integrate your app with third-party services such as website builders, CRMs, email systems, messengers, social media platforms, and more.

The straightforward features on Directual Lifetime Deal allow you to rapidly set up your database by creating folders, data structures, object fields, and field groups.

The NoSQL Directual database, which is powered by Amazon’s cloud architecture, is designed to grow with your app, which means it can manage millions of records with ease.

You can configure user-based access to certain fields using the API builder’s filters, which means that no one will have access to your data unless you give it to them.

By designing and linking scenarios to create clear, simple processes, you can automate any back-end functionality in your app.

Create event-based scenarios for processing objects and run them on a regular basis—every minute, every day, or every second Wednesday of the month, for example.

Prepare to enjoy quick processing as well! Directed scenarios are almost real-time, with each step taking only milliseconds!

You’ll also be able to link many scenarios together, either directly or through an event model in which you construct or update an object within the event.

You may design and implement secure API endpoints to write and read data from the database using the web or mobile interfaces.

Then, to construct the front end of your project, link the API to a user interface and select from a variety of alternatives. The website builder in Directual Lifetime Deal is ideal for developing admin portals and internal back-office tools.

Other no-code platforms, such as UI Bakery, Webflow, or Wix, can be used, or a traditionally designed front interface for web or mobile can be used.

In a no-code platform with an easy visual interface, create scalable and complex apps.

As a substitute for bubble, Directual can be used in conjunction with other no-code tools or as part of a regular development approach. 

Developers, freelancers, and agencies who want to bring their products to market quickly while still reaping the benefits of coding.

Directual Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Build scalable and sophisticated apps in a no-code platform with an intuitive visual interface
  • Alternative to: Bubble
  • Use Directual alongside other no-code tools as well as a part of the traditional development process
  • Best for: Developers, freelancers, and agencies looking to fast-track their apps while getting all the benefits of coding
  • Client billing
  • Unlimited app versions
  • JSON-step
  • Reports
  • Advanced security
  • Advanced scenarios settings
  • On-demand resources
  • Synchronic scenarios10 developers
  • 10 apps, up to at one time
  • 250,000 monthly processing operations per app
  • 250,000 monthly get requests per app
  • 25,000 monthly post requests per app
  • 25 GB storage per app.

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