ExcelWay Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

ExcelWay Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

ExcelWay Lifetime Deal

The ExcelWay platform lets you run more effective meetings, track the tasks that result from them, and switch from meetings to projects using a customizable dashboard.

Any kind of meeting can be planned with ExcelWay Lifetime Deal, from a meeting with your team to a 500-person seminar.

Organize brainstorming sessions, strategy meetings, and daily stand-up meetings with dozens of flexible meeting templates at your disposal.

There are advanced controls that can be used to facilitate breakout sessions and allow attendees to post sticky notes on a virtual whiteboard that can be colored according to what ideas they want to share.

Meetings can be attended by participants via a link or email invitation. The user-friendly interface simplifies the onboarding process so that no complicated steps need to be undertaken.

Using sticky notes as project tasks will allow you to end every brainstorming session with action items and a clear direction for the team to follow following the brainstorming session.

In addition to this, ExcelWay even generates a comprehensive meeting report, which helps you document participation statistics, meeting notes, ideas, and even next steps.

It is simply a matter of downloading the report as a Microsoft Word document and making any last-minute changes before sending it to higher-ups.

With the project management dashboard, you will be able to keep an eye on all factors involved in your project.

Using customizable templates, you can set up your dashboard and start managing project tasks and important files without a lot of effort.

The task list or kanban view allows you to display your tasks and monitor their progress using color-coded charts and status reports.

You are no longer required to constantly nag your team for timely updates since Excelway sends you personalized status reports directly to your inbox.

You can subscribe to receive daily and weekly emails that summarize your progress on individual tasks as well as on the overall project.

The report can be customized to the time and date that you want to receive it, and you can rest assured knowing that you’ll always be up to date.

ExcelWay Features:

  • Unlimited workshops (10 free participants in public workshops)
  • Unlimited project management boards
  • Prebuilt templates for workshops and boards
  • Activity templates with customizable canvases in workshops
  • Brainstorm with sticky notes and vote
  • Over 800 colors of sticky notes
  • Notetaking during the workshop
  • Co-facilitators
  • Move sticky notes in bulk
  • Filter by color, list, or voting result
  • Consensus measurement when voting
  • Turn sticky notes into tasks
  • Transfer tasks to project management boards
  • Unlimited project management boards
  • Manage tasks in List view or Kanban view
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Save boards as templates
  • Automatic task reports
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited projects

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