Friend Connector Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again.

Friend Connector Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again.

Friend Connector Lifetime Deal!

With a simple click in Friend Connector Lifetime Deal, you can increase the size and value of your friend list.

Have you ever wondered how you can profit from your Facebook page? Leads are required to monetize anything.

Friend Connector Pro assists you in automatically locating targeted prospects and sending them a friend request on your behalf.

By using the Friend Connector Lifetime Deal chrome extension, you can add new friends to your buddy list every day. Now that you’ve discovered all of these leads, it’s time to use your marketing plan to convert them.

When you receive a friend request from someone, as well as when you accept or decline a friend request, the Friend Connector Pro chrome extension can help you send automated messages.

So you can tell if a request is coming from a genuine human or a machine now.

You can start a discussion immediately after accepting a friend request, or you can explain why you declined the friend request.

Allow Friend Connector Pro to build your friend list while you sleep or are engaged with your everyday tasks.

Friend Connector Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Send Messages with Friend Requests
  • Auto-Message incoming friend requests
  • Auto-Message accepted friend requests
  • Auto-Message declined friend requests
  • Set friend request send limits
  • Set friend request delayed time sending interval.

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