FRONTLEAD Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

FRONTLEAD Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

FRONTLEAD Lifetime Deal

Seamless Integration with Your Website

FRONTLEAD seamlessly integrates into your website, allowing you to capitalize on the benefit of keeping users engaged on your own platform.

This service applies across all your websites, without any limitations on quantity. What’s more, FRONTLEAD is adaptable even without your own website, offering a link option for use.

Curious about the time needed for creation? The timeline primarily depends on the scope and execution.

Simple surveys or initial funnels can be crafted in a matter of minutes, with room for continuous development and adjustment.

On average, a standard tool can be set up in approximately 30 minutes.

Remember, in this brief period, you’re often spared the expense and waiting time of hiring an agency to conduct a survey – not to mention the subsequent costs involved.

Furthermore, FRONTLEAD allows you to include your own images, icons, and videos within the tools.

All automated emails are dispatched from your designated email address, eliminating the need for external mailing services. Communication occurs using the email address you specify.

Empower Your Business Growth with FRONTLEAD

FRONTLEAD offers the capability to incorporate conversion tracking codes from Facebook or Google by embedding them on your website. You can then operate tracking directly through your domain, enabling personalized adjustments as needed.

Additionally, FRONTLEAD boasts an integrated scoring function, displaying the accumulated points of users.

Personalized final results can be showcased on the concluding thank you page or sent automatically via email.

FRONTLEAD facilitates seamless alignment with your brand identity, enabling the integration and utilization of your logo and corporate design.

Furthermore, a selection of templates is provided for the tools. Upon registration, you’ll receive access to 18 templates, ready for direct utilization or easy customization to suit your requirements.

With FRONTLEAD, you’ll always enjoy a live preview during the creation process, ensuring a comprehensive overview.

Rest assured, FRONTLEAD is GDPR-compliant, having undergone legal security checks by an IT law firm.

Enhance Conversion Rates and Instill Trust with FRONTLEAD

By delivering high-quality automated analyses that offer your expertise as a service, you can activate FRONTLEAD’s payment function.

This feature transforms FRONTLEAD into a credible monetization tool.

During project creation, simply activate the payment function and input the net price for your offering (such as creating an analysis).

Users or customers within the active project can click a button to access the payment page.

Upon entering the necessary data, the system sends an email containing a link. This link holds the license key for one-time execution and initiates the final payment process.

At the process’s conclusion, users or customers receive email confirmation of the payment.

It’s also feasible to incorporate (free) license keys that provide access to your online products, such as eBooks.

FRONTLEAD Lifetime Deal Features:

  • 2 intelligent projects
  • 40 contacts/month
  • Unlimited number of questions and answers
  • Unlimited website embedding
  • Unlimited number of visitors
  • Automatic text generation for questions and answers with ChatGPT
  • Score function: display of individual results on the thank you page
  • Personal reply function by email (only with FRONTLEAD): personalized email replies (100% automated)
  • Send options: 1) at specific times, 2) after a defined waiting time, 3) manual sending
  • Customizable to your design
  • Insertion of images, icons, and videos
  • Custom favicon
  • URL forwarding/thank you page
  • Multiple contact recipients
  • Contact & statistics export

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