Genesiv Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Genesiv Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Genesiv Lifetime Deal

Building your own branded community is important — and even more so when we’re in the era of community-led growth.

But many of the existing tools don’t allow you to fully white-label them or even allow you access to the details of your community members. Most often they also lean closer to forum / FB group-style setups.

Ever wish you could just get a white-labelled version of Discord?

Genesiv allows you to build your very own white-labelled community — complete with chatrooms, gamification, integrations, and even the ability to legally harness the contact details of your community through an opt-in approach.

For a full list of features that this deal unlocks, check out our pricing page.

Seize the chance to grab this extremely limited deal that is already used by some of the world’s largest companies.

Smooth, effective communication is crucial in your community space, and Genesiv facilitates quick communication with an easy-to-use channel system.

Utilize 4 different channel types that allow you to decide how communication happens:

Open: A text channel that allows users to openly chat with each other as long as they have access to the channel.

Announcement: A 1-way channel where announcers can post messages, whereas members are only able to read and react to them.

Direct Message: A special channel where users can DM a list of pre-selected roles/users.

Whisper: A special type of channel where users are not able to see each other’s messages. They can only see messages that are sent from the assigned whisperers.

Control your community’s communication by allocating targeted users to targeted spaces.

Control your community’s access to channels by creating Roles — customizable labels that can be attached to server members to determine the actions they are allowed to carry out, and what content they are allowed to see.

Our custom branding tools allow you to design the community exactly the way you want it.
From custom domains, to theme creation, to email integration, Genesiv ensures that your community is getting a branded experience that is fully you.

Unlike social media or other third-party community platforms that steal the thunder by heavily incorporating their branding in your community spaces, Genesiv gives you full control over your community, allowing you to not only style our platform to your brand, but host it on a custom domain.

Utilize the Theme Customizer to color every single little detail of your server so that it truly represents you.

Create both light/dark themes and color everything from accent colors, to background colors, and even divider colors!

Own your community and improve their brand experience by giving a custom domain via CNAME to your server!

Go one step further with notification emails sent from your own custom email. In addition, Genesiv will assist you in creating your own Custom Mobile & Desktop App. Proudly display your logo and brand color and host your community on an application that you own.

Fully customisable gamification features allow you to have tiers, badges and leaderboards.
Keeping a community engaged is one of the hardest parts of community management, so effective gamification can be a game-changer.

Experience Points (XP): Reward your members with XP for completing different actions in your server. Select from a list of actions & behaviors and determine how many points each is worth!
Levels & Tiers: Let your members rise through the ranks through customizable Tiers. Each tier consists of 3 levels that allow members to mark their XP milestones.

Progress Bar: Beautifully designed progress bars broken down into 3 bite-sized steps to help members monitor their progress to the next tier. Bars update in real-time as members gain XP.

Badges: Create custom badges that are automatically awarded to users once they’ve achieved certain milestones. Badges with custom achievement criteria can also be manually awarded.

Leaderboards: Encourage some friendly competition by displaying your top-performing members on the leaderboards! Members can choose 3 of their attained badges to display within the chatroom.

Webhooks, widgets, and analytics give you even greater control over & management of your server.
Genesiv makes server management easy with full access to analytical data and integrations that help automate your community and keep it running smoothly.

Keep track of your server’s growth with our advanced analytics — drill down into channel activities and user-level behaviours to uncover unique insights into what your community loves.

With webhooks, login APIs, and third-party integrations, you can connect your community to a wide range of other apps and extend the possibilities of your community.

Genesiv comes with extensive incoming and outgoing webhooks that make sending helpful information and connecting to various apps even more effortless.

Our Login API and WordPress Plugin allow you to automatically log users in directly from your website, and assign them relevant roles based on pre-set criteria, allowing your server to be highly integrable with your business and brand.

Create fully-customizable and targeted banners on Genesiv. Complete with advanced tracking metrics.
Advertise to the right crowd and get your message heard!

Banners give you a form of advertisement space that is fully customizable, specifically targeted, and highly manageable.

Decide how you want your banner to look — from the colors it uses to its placement in your server, you can style it to fit your brand and purpose!

Craft a message, include a URL, and decide on rules ensuring your messages reach the right audience.

Select from a list of roles and channels that help decide which messages get sent to who, and where.

Banners are easy-to-use and highly manageable. Not only can you run multiple banners at once, but banners can also be drafted, set live, or set to expire based on your specifications, allowing for advertising campaigns to be run effectively and effortlessly.

Evaluate your campaigns’ performance by gaining analytical insight into the number of banner views, URL clicks, and more.

Genesiv is your solution to building an amazing, thriving community.

Genesiv Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • +10 lifetime credits (40 credits total)
  • Custom desktop apps (20 credits) require a separate $79.90/month subscription
  • Custom Android & iPhone apps (40 credits) require a separate $39.90/month subscription
  • Video channels are not available in this LTD to make it sustainable
  • (Video channels can optionally be added in at an AppSumo exclusive price of $14.90/month)

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