Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again Lifetime Deal!

The Lifetime Deal is one of the newest and easiest methods to gain remote access to your computer.

You may be a System Administrator, a Support Specialist, or even just a normal user. Whatever your situation, allows you to easily connect to another computer.

There is a solution for all these tasks provided by

You will need to download the web access agent on a desktop you wish to access, have it running on the desktop you wish to access, and then go to the link that the agent generates for you.

In Lifetime Deal a user-friendly personal account allows you to easily connect to a desktop (yours or your clients’) from anywhere with a single click.

You can forget about all the hassle of keeping track of all the passwords that go along with your clients’ connections. When someone accepts your invitation, the connection will automatically begin when the client accepts the invitation.

Getscreen. me can be integrated with your existing infrastructure by using pre-made proprietary plugins or by developing your own based on public HTTP API…

In a web browser, you can connect from anywhere in the world. You will be able to use the full range of features that remote access offers.

Make sure that your customers receive quick invitations with a direct link to your website. You should not require anything complicated from your customers.

Provide your services to customers across the globe. When you hover your mouse over a piece of text on a remote screen, it will translate that text into a given language. Lifetime Deal allows you to manage and control mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, interactive kiosks, and vending machines. Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money back gaurantee!
  • Permanent access – 200 devices, Wake-on-LAN
  • Quick support – 200 clients per day
  • Video recording – 100 GB, Black Screen
  • Size limitations for one transferred file – 140 GB
  • Team – 25 additional accounts
  • Branding (title, icon and subdomain for links)
  • Personal domain for links (CNAME)

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