Heybase Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Heybase Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Heybase Lifetime Deal

Heybase Lifetime Deal Makes it easy for you to build your own virtual sales rooms with advance  features like videos, and calendar links, so you can close more deals fast.

Heybase’s drag-and-drop editor helps you build virtual sales rooms, so you can pitch prospects anytime, anywhere.

Take your pick from over a dozen embed blocks and integrate contracts, calendars, proposals, payment links, and more.

You can record and embed videos in your sales room to add a human touch, like a personalized welcome message.

You’ll even be able to share proposal microsites, virtual deal rooms, and smart sales decks that actually close.

You can easily add elements like proposals, calendars, and payment links to your sales room.
Once everything’s ready to go, Heybase will create a shareable link that you can send straight to your prospects.

Best of all, recipients don’t need an account to access anything—they can jump into a sales room right away!

And you’ll be able keep tabs on user activity from the main dashboard, including new opens, comments, or actions.

Monitor any activity in your virtual sales room from the main dashboard.
Say goodbye to long email chains! Your prospects can ask questions and leave comments directly in the sales room.

You can set up email notifications to keep tabs on any communication and respond as quickly as possible.

Heybase also lets you add multiple team members to a sales room, so there’s always someone available to move the sale forward.

Heybase will notify you of new comments and questions within the platform and via email.
You have access to the real-time activity log, so you can track the engagement and performance of all your ongoing sales.

From there, you’ll be able to see real-time stats like activity timestamps, comments, and time spent in the room.

Heybase also generates predictive insights to gauge which prospects are likely to close and which ones need more attention.

Heybase Features:

  • Drag-and-drop room builder
  • Embed anything
  • Collaboration
  • Invite external collaborators
  • Magic link login
  • Zoom and Calendly integration
  • Advanced analytics
  • Video narration
  • Unlimited guests
  • 20 internal users (team members)
  • Unlimited active rooms
  • Custom domain
  • Removal of branding

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