HuddleIQ Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

HuddleIQ Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

HuddleIQ Lifetime Deal

With HuddleIQ, you’ll have access to a comprehensive digital whiteboard platform enabling presentations, meetings, and online collaboration.

Templates, images, videos, emojis, and more can be incorporated into the system to give you a creative way of brainstorming, regardless of whether you are drawing upon resources from the library or uploading your own.

Make instant feedback available to your audience by using comments, polls, or the chat function, so you will be able to determine the success of your presentation.

Moreover, you will also have the option of taking advantage of a well-built video conferencing system in order to make your experience even more interactive.

As a result of HuddleIQ’s presentation mode, organizations can upgrade their awkward slide presentations into high-quality visual demonstrations.

If you’re participating in a video conference, you’ll be able to present your digital whiteboard both online and in real-time.

One of the best features of this application is the ability to share documents, slides, and make live annotations, all while keeping your team engaged by allowing them to access presentation notes.

Are you looking for some inspiration? There are hundreds of customizable templates included with HuddleIQ, including templates for brainstorming, educating, planning, and many other uses.

With the help of built-in automated task management, you will be able to maximize your productivity as well as optimize your workflows.

It allows you to assign tasks, track progress, add comments and attachments, as well as categorize everything with labels.

After you have completed customizing a template, it is easy to save it privately or share it with your colleagues.

In addition to this, HuddleIQ gives users the option of creating private or shared projects right from their dashboard, giving them both control and flexibility.

You will have full control over who has access to all your work and what they are able to do with it by customizing the permissions for each project that you manage.

Furthermore, you can invite other team members to collaborate on projects, to view, comment, and to edit them.

HuddleIQ Features:

  • 500 GB upload storage
  • 100 MB maximum file upload size
  • Save boards as templates
  • Cards and tasks
  • Annotations: containers, shapes and arrows, sticky notes, write, and highlight
  • Collaboration: video conferencing, screen conferencing, polling, chat, comments, and task timer
  • Education: custom education templates and MathType and ChemType equations
  • Tools: templates, library, resources, document support, integrations, cards, slides, and document export
  • Operation: infinity board, alignment aid, object alignment, linking objects, track & aid, backgrounds, map, presentation mode
  • Management: projects, member and guest invitations, notifications, task list, and attendees list
  • Integrations: Adobe, Dropbox, Iconfinder, Google, OneDrive, Pixabay, and Slack
  • Mind and concept mapping, flowcharts, and freehand drawing with a stylus, touch, or mouse
  • 60+ document types supported for presentations
  • 15 members
  • Unlimited boards
  • Unlimited guests as editors, commentators, or viewers
  • Unlimited private or shared projects
  • Unlimited objects per board
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