Konvey Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Konvey Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Konvey Lifetime Deal

Konvey is like your personal video messenger, and it can replace those boring emails and meetings. You can send custom video, audio, or screen recordings right from your Chrome browser.

Want to make a video message for clients, colleagues, or potential customers?

With Konvey, you can choose to record yourself on camera, capture what’s on your screen, just record your voice, or mix and match these options however you like.

This means you can create all sorts of stuff, from personalized sales pitches to showing someone how to use a new app or product.

Once you’ve recorded your message, you can watch it to make sure it’s perfect before sending it off. If you’re not happy with it, don’t worry. Konvey lets you redo it with a simple click.

You can also give your recording a title and description so people know what it’s all about.

The cool part? You can ask anyone to send you videos too! This is great for collecting testimonials or spotting bugs in your software.

Just share a link through WhatsApp, Facebook, email, or any other messaging app you like. People can use the same recording options you have, without needing extra software.

Plus, Konvey will shoot you an email when someone sends a video. No need to sift through a messy inbox.

But here’s the kicker: Konvey can look like your very own platform.

You can use your domain for videos and recording requests, which makes your brand look super pro.

You can even add your logo to the recording request page to keep your brand front and center for customers, clients, and prospects. It’s like having your own fancy video messaging service!

Konvey Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money Back Guarantee- No Matter the reason.
  • Video recording
  • Share recorded videos with a link
  • Video request link
  • Instant notifications
  • Video management
  • Team collaboration
  • Download and export videos
  • Web-based (no installation needed)
  • Unlimited recording hours per month
  • 10 account users
  • Unlimited storage
  • Custom branding and CNAME

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