LeadDelta Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

LeadDelta Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

LeadDelta Lifetime Deal!

With LeadDelta Lifetime Deal, you have a complete overview of your professional LinkedIn network at a glance. Using this business contact book organizer, you can customize your contact book according to how you want it organized – no ads, no spam, no distractions.

It is possible to import your LinkedIn connections into LeadDelta and then utilize tools such as tagging, notes, templates, bulk messages, filters, data unlocking, one-click exporting, integration with Zapier, and more to nurture, grow, and leverage your network.

It’s a simple way to put it: it has everything LinkedIn doesn’t have but gives you everything you need for your business.

As an entrepreneur, your objective is to build meaningful relationships with your target audience and to engage your network rather than simply growing it for the sake of growing it.

LinkedIn provides LeadDelta with terms and conditions that make it one of the most compliant applications on LinkedIn.

Therefore, there are no automated actions that are performed by the company. The uniqueness of LeadDelta arises from this fact, which is why its clients find it so appealing.

LeadDelta Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Table-view of your LinkedIn 1st-degree connections
  • Create & manage custom tags
  • 1-click apply & edit custom notes (no frills)
  • Apply filters, sorting, search (1st-degree)
  • Message templates (use across Web Apps)
  • Send up to 25 messages with essential placeholders
  • Bulk follow/unfollow, disconnect, hide/unhide
  • Sync & update your latest connections
  • 1-Click data export into a .CSV file
  • Zapier integration (Pabbly coming soon)

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