Mail Backup X Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Mail Backup X Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Mail Backup X Lifetime Deal!

For macOS and Windows, Mail Backup X Lifetime Deal is the ideal solution for mail backup and archiving.

Designed with the needs of both business and home users in mind. Mail Backup X is a one-stop solution for email backup, archiving, email management, and conversion that has been trusted by over 42000 business and home customers across the world.

Backup Emails from a Variety of Sources All common email clients are supported, with simple backup and restore options. It can restore Mails in a Few Clicks and Restore Mails from Backup Using a Simple Wizard.

You may simply recover a single message or the whole email archive as needed. Not only that, but you may recover emails in just a few clicks to any archive file type supported by your preferred mail client, such as.

Outlook Mac, Outlook Windows, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, Yahoo, and others support EML, PST, RGE, and MBOX files.

Archived emails can be found in a flash. Searching for Archived Emails is lightning quick.

With the advanced search feature in Mail Backup X Lifetime Deal, you may conduct searches in a fraction of the time.

With the ability to search emails from a certain person, subject, or with a specific phrase in a specified time range or throughout the whole database, it’s a powerful tool.

You can also perform more complicated search operations by searching exclusively for emails with certain file types as attachments or by using a complex query using AND and  OR operators.

With 3X compression and an Ultra High Compression algorithm with repair recovery data, compressed searchable mail archives can save on storage.

It will use a unique algorithm to encrypt and protect your email data. Mail Backup X compresses and extracts data to save storage space and minimize upload and download times for your cloud and FTP-backed Mail profiles.

We also provide a repair recovery record, which protects your mail data from hardware failure.

Because of the simple Wizard-based User Interface that guides you through setting up mail backups, no special skills are required.

Unlike other Complicated Mail Backup Software that requires a great deal of technical knowledge to set up and maintain, we concentrated on making Mail Backup X as easy as possible so that even a beginner user could understand and use it.

We maintained the same simplicity in mind while creating the Business edition of the product after ensuring it was simple to use and had the shortest learning curve.

Third-party email archives can be imported and viewed. Import Mail from Third-Party Providers Doesn’t forget to delete any old Mail Archives.

It’s not only a Mail Backup Solution; it also reads and imports common mail archive file formats (.mbox,.rge,.olm,.olk,.pst,.eml) used by most major Mail Clients including Outlook Mac, Outlook Windows, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, Yahoo, and others.

Mail Backup X Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Backup Emails From Multiple Sources
  • Backup your Internet Mail Boxes
  • Easily Restore Mails in few Clicks
  • Blazing fast Search for Archived Mails
  • Save on Storage with 3X Compression
  • No Special Skillsets Needed
  • Import Third-Party Mail Archives
  • Inbuilt Mail Archive Viewer
  • Inbuilt Mail Migration Tools
  • Auto Sync Copy of Local Backups to USB Drive.

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