Markopolo ai Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Markopolo ai Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Markopolo ai Lifetime Deal

Using artificial intelligence, Markopolo can generate social media copy, identify target audiences, and schedule cross-platform search and social media ad campaigns for clients.

Markopolo allows you to monitor and manage ads for hundreds of brands at once, linking each one to channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

With thousands of pre-designed templates, you can quickly create ads with a range of post types for a wide range of platforms.

Additionally, a full asset library is available to you for each brand so that you can create a style guide in which each of the different design presets can be saved.

In addition, you will be able to control the tone of your text posts, as well as use artificial intelligence (AI) to create engaging content within seconds.

Free templates and AI-generated copy allow you to create targeted ads in seconds.

In order to identify the most conversion-rich audiences for your ads, Markopolo’s cutting-edge targeting engine uses artificial intelligence.

Presets based on artificial intelligence help you find the best fit for your campaign in just a few days and ensure that your campaigns are always targeting the right people.

Additionally, you can create a custom audience from scratch by supplying basic demographic information, such as age, gender, and location.

Lastly, types of audiences can be sorted according to their performance, so they can be saved for future campaigns.

By leveraging AI-based audience targeting, you can make your campaign more effective and create your very own custom audience from scratch with ease.

Automate full-scale marketing campaigns for your business by launching and scheduling multiple posts at the same time across multiple platforms.

The content schedule will be automatically planned out by Markopolo for the duration, target locations, and objectives you have set up.

Using the campaign budget feature, you will be able to allocate your budget according to the audience you want to reach with each ad, and run A/B tests with just one click to compare performance.

A multichannel ad campaign created with Markopolo helps you understand and create smart multi-channel campaigns that work.

As a result of Markopolo’s dashboard, all your raw data is presented in an easy-to-digest way, with charts, tables, and graphs.

Take a bird’s eye view of all the crucial stats with your different brand accounts, such as total clicks and cost-per-click for each of your posts.

As an additional benefit, you can customize the look of your dashboard with a variety of options to access real-time data across campaigns for easy reporting.

Markopolo Features:

  • Auto-scheduling
  • Unlimited caption and copy generation
  • Unlimited Facebook and Instagram image and video ad generation
  • Unlimited Google search and display ad generation
  • Unlimited brand templates
  • Unlimited saved ads
  • Ad image editor
  • Video thumbnail generation
  • Content library
  • Campaign dashboard
  • Audience creation
  • Facebook interests API integration
  • Google keywords tool integration
  • Geotargeting
  • Unlimited social and PPC accounts
  • Unlimited brands
  • 50 users
  • Plan unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited ad spend

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