Niftypm Lifetime Deal | Lifetime Niftypm.

Niftypm Lifetime Deal | Lifetime Niftypm.

Niftypm Lifetime Deal | Lifetime Niftypm get now!

We know that managing our daily life is not an easy task.  And to make it easy we use different types of plugins, items, and software to manage our work.

And even if you are working with another person like your clients then it is so much difficult for you to manage the work of both sides.

But not right now because.

Niftypm is here to solve your problem and this is currently available for a lifetime deal.  It means you pay once and never again in your life.

Niftypm Lifetime Deal!

This allows you to design and keep every person on the same page and by using this you can view all your work in this in one simple attractive dashboard from start to end, and you can see Project files to your deadline.

When you start using Niftypm and your project will build in this, you can easily break down them into smaller actions, driven tasks that will easily bring yourself to closer to your projects and goals which will definitely increase your productivity.

Niftypm comes with clean interference where you can track your task, assignments, and activities and easily time-log across the project.

You can easily filter class by date, task assign, and milestone to see the progress about your work.

It will also allow you to automate your progress tracking, which based on task completion and to provide real-time project reporting and status updates to you in a simple way.

The other good feature in Niftypm is that you can easily collaborate and communicate with other people which improve your project discussion.

You can connect this with your team and clients with easily real-time messaging and after that, both of them can share ideas collect feedback from your customers, and easily turn talk into action by converting any message into a task.

By using this you can easily create a group chat or slide into a team member for 1:1 discussions. It also lets you by which escalate team chat to an audio/video meeting in a proper way.

Like every superhero need the proper workspace to perform better from others and to increase their reputation so Niftypm gives you this opportunity.

It also allows your team to work together anywhere at any time without any irritation.  Niftypm allows you to share documents and notes and you can also invite anyone you want to view, comment, or edit your work.

And whenever you want to access your files from your computer, you can easily do this in niftypm.

It allows you to access and share your files with other people or your team members or with your clients from computer, Dropbox, or integrate with Google Drive.

Sometimes we need to manage people’s projects and that time is it is difficult for us to organize our work but don’t worry because this will allow you to keep all your important inside right where you can see them the project home.

You can stay on top of your progress with Bird’s eye view of discussion task milestones and whatever you want to see there.

You can also track the time which you are spending on a project for its completion.

It also has a good feature in which it allows each team member to customize a dashboard according to his requirement. Tailor it to fit your workflow, prioritize insights, and spend less time searching.

You can easily organize collaborate and prioritize your work along with deadlines and feedback.

While doing our work success is the first priority and of every business owner or manager that everyone wants success from us.

Calendar feature puts you in the caption seed where you can see your team members review and check their period and deadlines.

You can also check where each team member is and need to be improved about him. In this way you can never miss an important date again.

In Niftypm your project could you some more direction and less back and forth team members. If you need to have a constant update meeting on the zoom, you need to get Nifty for a lifetime.

Now don’t think more.

Just drive into an all-in-one platform that allows you to automate, communicate, and collaborate fastly.

Main highlights of Niftypm Lifetime Deal:

  • Automate client reporting as project tasks are completed, and customize each project dashboard to fit your workflow
  • Alternative to: Asana and Basecamp
  • Engage in real-time discussions with project members, or chat with your team 1:1
  • Best for: Digital agencies and product teams that want to manage projects in a feature-rich collaborative workspace
  • Lifetime access to NiftyPM
  • All future plan updates (Business Plan)
  • Stack up to 10 codes
  • GDPR Compliant (Partner Verified)
  • Only for new NiftyPM users who do not have existing accounts
  • Features Included in All Plans
  • Unlimited active projects
  • Unlimited guests & clients
  • Discussions
  • Milestones
  • Tasks & recurring tasks
  • Docs & files
  • Team chat
  • Portfolios
  • Overviews
  • Workloads
  • Task dependencies
  • Milestones dependencies
  • Time tracking & reporting
  • Custom fields
  • Budget tracking (coming soon)
  • iOS, Android, and Desktop apps
  • Google single sign-on (SSO)
  • Open API.

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