On Board Flow Lifetime Deal

On Board Flow Lifetime Deal

OnBoardFlow Lifetime Deal!

OnBoardFlow is the best monitor saas trials and it will let you send targeted emails to increase your conversions.

This tool uses a powerful JavaScript tracker along with stripe integration.

OnBoardFlow will definitely give you highly accurate data on your trials, while simultaneously reporting what your trial user is doing when using your product.

You can define your own key events and matrix you want to track in your software including different types of important pages visits,  or activities performed in your product.

OnBoardFlow provides you Matrix later and insight with the data collected from your user side.

Its advanced dashboard breaks down everything into different visualization charts so you can get a better understanding of your product.

By using this you are able to see new trials, active trials, and conversion rate, and also you can see trial activity

which is extremely unique to your product

Like about the number of tasks, everything installed, created, number of projects, in your product.

You can see a comparison between existing everyone and the average statics of people who convert to get a solid outline.

You can also see what your user is doing in its advanced specific matrix CRMs.

OnBoardFlow also provides you with advance analytic that your customer actually has decided to upgrade your product.

This tool also comes with built-in email function which allows you to transform all of this information and insight data into

hyper-targeted messages, which will definitely help you to engage with your trials when it matters the most.

By using it you can create easily triggers for different segmented automatic emails,

So that you can do things like notifying the user when they are created certain umber of a task or send a reminder to the user who has not yet completed setup.

This awesome feature will definitely give your user and extra energy to convert and you can even send an individual email to create that personal hand and deliver touch in some simple clicks.

OnBoardFlow Lifetime Deal Features

  • Automatically monitor your SaaS trials to easily see how clients are engaging with your product
  • Create segmented onboarding emails to maximize conversions
  • Track conversion rates and product usage over time
  • Best for: SaaS owners looking to get the most out of trial conversions by tracking key data in real-time.
  • Lifetime access to OnboardFlow
  • All future plan updates
  • Stack up to 10 codes
  • Only for new OnboardFlow users who do not have existing accounts
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • Remove OnboardFlow Branding
  • Custom Cohorts
  • Exit Surveys
  • Connect Gmail for Personalized Reachouts
  • In-App Prompts.

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