Open Genius Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Open Genius Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Open Genius Lifetime Deal

The latest iOS 15 update from Apple puts an end to the open rate metrics for an email with the addition of Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) image pre-fetching.

Using Open Genius, your existing email platform and campaign can be restored to their accurate open rates.

It is also designed to protect privacy by utilizing a patent-pending “political polling” system.

With Open Genius, email events are also passed to Google Analytics in order to improve email attribution.

It is possible to pass the information about email opens and clicks on to a Google Analytics account in real-time.

The drag-and-drop tool provides HTML snippets that will do all the work for you.

Working with any platform that can send emails.
In order to provide real-time message open reports, the Pixel tool has been implemented.

The redirector tool allows you to track advertisements, images and clicks based on their open rates.

For both tools, there will be a Google Analytics integration (GA4 is coming in Q4; GA Universal is available now). Multiple GA identifiers will be supported.

With the Network Edge Architecture, content can be delivered in 50ms from 95% of the internet.

It is possible to have an unlimited number of tracking IDs. Included in this package are 60,000 opens per month.

The plan will be eligible for all future Open Genius Team Plan updates.

Measure the level of engagement with live customers in real time. An opinion poll of a few thousand people predicts the opinions of millions of people when it comes to politics.

To accomplish this, Open Genius uses statistics* to determine the open rates of un-proxied emails, as well as project the open rates inside black-box proxies such as Apple MPP.

As a result, there is no ‘workaround’ to make MPP work – users’ privacy is protected. Resolve the attribution of channels.

Email opens are the first impression of an email. You can use Open Genius to guide your campaigns and content selections by restoring the virtual smile and frown rates.

You can inject detailed email activity directly into Google Analytics in real-time to ensure that emails are treated on a level playing field in marketing attribution decisions.

Open Genius Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Real-time open metrics
  • Google Analytics gateway — real-time email metrics in GA
  • Pixel tool (unlimited IDs)
  • Redirector tool (unlimited IDs)
  • ‘Hot Swap’ — change redirector images/links after send
  • Email client/proxy reporting
  • Hourly opens by client — date-configurable
  • Daily opens by client — date-configurable
  • Multiple-opens breakdown
  • Email open geolocations by client/proxy

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