Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again Lifetime Deal!

We all struggle to come up with good content for social media. Unfortunately, few of us are capable of doing so consistently.

With, you have your very own virtual assistant that makes it easy to create a great post with small inputs!

Using artificial intelligence, posts are created with creatives, captions, and hashtags.

The artificial intelligence system finds the best creative template that fits your post, then generates the appropriate images, titles, and colors depending on your content.

Here is the bonus. Feel free to edit the creatives to make them look better.

With one click, our competitor analysis feature reveals the most successful content of your competitors.

It is very important to keep in mind that we are developing an AI, not a video/image editing application like Canva.

Although our platform includes an editor, our long-term goal is to be able to allow users to write content without needing to go to an editor.

Eventually, we will have publishing, but for now, we want to focus on creating the content that your audience will enjoy, rather than publishing

Create your social media posts faster and easier. You’re always one step ahead of the competition with our powerful features.

In seconds, you will be able to generate fresh, unique post ideas for your blog.

Simply enter a one-line description of your business, and Predis will return a list of post ideas for you, including the most appropriate hashtags, captions, and creatives for your particular profile.

It would be great if you could edit and add these to your content calendar as you wish.

Create AI-made creatives that are tailored to your brand’s language.

If you simply tell us what the colors of your brand are, then we’ll use AI to create the best creatives for you.

Make your posts stand out with the right captions.

It is not a good idea to write captions in a jiffy, especially if you have put hours into creating something gorgeous.

Leave the caption generation to us, so we can create captions for your posts of the proper length and tone.

It is time to revamp your hashtag strategy.

Choosing the right hashtags to use based on your post and your audience can be difficult.

With Lifetime Deal algorithms, we explore the social media platforms for hashtags in order to deliver you the most popular and

trending hashtags in real-time that are relevant to your post and your audience.

It is important to do this in order to ensure that the post is always displayed in the right places.

The highest-quality images on the Web are used to suggest creative ideas.

Using Unsplash and Pexels, With you can curate post ideas based on images.

With a rich social media feed, you can access free-to-use photos and artwork from photographers and artists around the world. Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Lifetime access to
  • 180 posts per month (Equivalent to 300K char. or 60K words/ month)
  • 6 Active Workspaces (Social Sets for 6 Brands/Clients)
  • 60 Competitor Analysis Runs per month
  • Unlimited Hashtags Suggestions
  • Unlimited AI Improvement Suggestions
  • 6 Team Members (Coming Soon)
  • Support included
  • All future plan updates

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