Prefinery Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Prefinery Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Prefinery Lifetime Deal

In order to encourage viral sharing, Prefinery has created customizable referral campaigns that are used to encourage customer acquisition.

As you can see, Prefinery Lifetime Deal offers a number of customization options that let you create the referral campaign you want.

All the copy you create can be customized to your requirements, so you can add text in any language that you desire. There are no templates to deal with.

There is a variety of fields and questions that you can add to Perfinery, such as fields for personal details, multiple choice questions, consent agreements for GDPR/CCPA, and a lot more.

Make an impression right out of the gate and you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression.

If you want maximum branding opportunities for your referral campaign, customize it according to your specifications.

With behavior-triggered emails, you can put those lead lists to good use.

When certain actions are registered on your account, you are able to send welcome emails, opt-in emails, rewards emails, referral emails, and more.

Moreover, you can create additional emails as needed so that your people remain engaged with your company.

You can have the best chance of success with your campaign when you use Prefinery LTD, because it enables easy communication.

With behavior-triggered emails, you can send email welcomes, opt-ins, and rewards without having to worry about anything.

By rewarding your referrals, you will be able to maximize your hype levels.

There are a number of ways that you can reward your customers whenever they perform a goal-based action, such as making a purchase, signing up for your newsletter, or performing another task you define.

For the referral process to be gamified, there are single-sided rewards, double-sided rewards, and milestone rewards to be rewarded for big results (because everyone still misses punch cards when it comes to referrals).

There is even an option to integrate Zapier to make delivery of the rewards even more convenient.

There is also an option to create pre-launch campaigns that will allow you to send your users unique invitation codes so they can take a peek at all the awesome things you have planned for them.

You could gamify your campaigns by giving rewards to people who make purchases or refer friends.

Using Prefinery’s user insights you can find out exactly who is driving interest in your product and who is driving it away.

A total of 55 data points can be sorted, sorted and filtered, including browser, operating system, location, language.

Even more, UTM tags can be viewed for ad campaign success information and the URL referrer can be displayed to tell you what site your users are going to in order to reach your site.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, you can also use your own custom properties to measure metrics exactly how you like them.

There are several metrics that can be used to measure the performance of a campaign, including form impressions, submissions, conversion rate, and total shares.

Find out more about how referrals were generated, the percent of signups coming from referrals, and the shares and referrals generated by platform.

The Prefinery platform also integrates with Zapier, webhooks, APIs, and even third-party analytics through a java script snippet that you can include in your code.

Prefinery Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Up to 10,000 managed users/subscribers
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited number of signup form impressions & submissions
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Unbranded
  • GDPR, CCPA, & Privacy Shield compliance

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