Proposa Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Proposa Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Proposa Lifetime Deal

Proposa is a platform that provides you with access to a wide range of proposal templates,

While also gives you the possibility to receive notifications regarding the progress of your sales process.

The Proposa platform allows you to build professional proposals so that you can get more clients and develop your business to its full potential.

Make use of your marketing, web design, or sales skills to gain access to a wide variety of templates specifically designed for your professional needs.

With a user-friendly panel, you are able to add textual content while also customizing the background photo or color to fit your style,

even if you do not have any previous experience with design elements.

In addition, old templates do not need to be copied and pasted. The platform allows you to reuse dynamic templates again and again.

Proposa lets you send proposals that are tracked themselves through actionable intelligence,

so you don’t have to wait for your clients to respond and send ineffective follow-ups.

Whenever the proposal is opened, you will get a real-time notification on your phone about who has opened it and

how it has been viewed so that you will have no need to guess.

Even if you don’t know when and how often people interact with your proposal, you can view the locations where it was opened and the number of interactions.

It is very convenient to use Proposa since it allows you to create sleek, shareable documents without having to face boring PowerPoints or PDFs that have to be downloaded first.

You will have the opportunity to create the first proposal in an instant thanks to the simple and uncluttered interface, and then the tool will handle the design work for you.

It automatically generates a web link each time you finish a proposal, providing clients a way to access your plans and sign it in an instant.

Moreover, your proposals will automatically be mobile-friendly and mobile-ready, regardless of the device you use, without any additional effort on your part.

Would you like to know how clients are reacting to your proposal? With Proposa, it is easy to determine which details matter the most and which ones do not.

The application’s intelligent heat mapping system makes it possible to identify which sections of a proposal are the most frequently read by potential clients.

The user-friendly interface enables you to control access after the proposal has been sent, allowing you to track,

who looks at the proposal utilizing passwords, viewer tracking, and expiration dates.

Proposa Features:

  • PDF exports
  • Template library
  • Open notifications
  • Digital signing
  • Multiple currency options for proposals
  • 12 users
  • 100 published proposals (active at one time)
  • White labeling
  • Behavior analysis

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