Question Generator Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Question Generator Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Question Generator Lifetime Deal

AI content generation platform for blogs and PBNs: create, edit, and publish SEO-optimized articles.

QG is the AI content generation tool that will increase your productivity and SEO performance without even thinking about it.

Find thousands of long-tails keywords & content ideas in 1 click. Create 1,000+ words articles filled with keywords and entities to boost your SEO traffic. Get automatically royalty-free images on your post.

Publish & schedule automatically your post with our WordPress plugin. Save hundreds of hours by creating content in bulk (up to 200 articles at once). With 1 keyword, discover thousands of long-tail keywords and content ideas for your Blog and PBN.

Order the content generation of the article. Activate the alarm to receive on a weekly basis new ideas. Add as a favorite the ideas you like the best. Filter ideas by source or word.

Main content. Subtitles (from 2 to 5 according to your choice). For each article, we auto-select up to 6 images from a free image bank.

Then, to get the most SEO power, we compress images, change the file name, and apply an optimized ALT.

You’ll be able to create beautiful articles in no time with our image bank service.Win a lot of time by publishing/scheduling your blog posts on all your WordPress sites directly from our interface.

Download our WordPress plugin, add your API key, and you are ready to go. Best yet, you can use our plugin on as many sites as you wish. It is time to generate better, easier content, is it not?

Question Generator Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • 6 languages supported: EN / FR / ES / DE / PT / IT
  • Blog content includes SEO keywords, SEO entities, and SEO performance score available for each post
  • Bulk blog post generation and auto posting/scheduling on WordPress (with our plugin)
  • Article editor with auto-save option (edit articles, images, and content blocks forever)
  • 40 credits to generate articles of up to 1,000 words
  • 70 searches of content ideas and long-tail keywords
  • 50 weekly keywords updates for new ideas sent by emails
  • 40 domains connected (WordPress plugin)
  • 2 backlinks from EN / FR domains + access to our API to generate & retrieve content

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