Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again Lifetime Deal!

The lifetime deal Website offers concise summaries of the most important business and personal development books. Each summary is only 12 minutes long and it includes audio, video, and text.

You can listen to a book on In a fraction of the time, with summaries that don’t exceed 12 minutes in length.

Make sure to make personal development a part of your day by listening to thorough information on your lunch break or between meetings to get right to the good stuff.

The desktop version of some books comes with audio files as well as videos which will also be available along with the audio.
It has been found that visual learners learn better from watching content rather than reading it.

The desktop version of some books comes with audio files as well as videos which will also be available along with the audio.

In addition to the books, you will also receive text versions of the audio files, if you prefer to follow along or summarize the insights on your own.

In addition, if you’re in a hurry, you might also consider tackling a condensed version of the material while speed-reading. lifetime deal Is ideal for a busy person who has a limited amount of time to read information, since Makes information easily accessible.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to listen to two books while you are at the gym, another while you are riding your bike, and another during dinner.

If you want to learn about business and life insights, or just life, then Has you covered.

Why would anyone collect business books for the sole purpose of collecting dust?

Your downtime can now be turned into a valuable opportunity to improve your career prospects through audio, video, and text summaries.

There is a reason you want to be the person who is the most well-read in the room and Is your secret weapon. Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Access 12-minute summaries of some of the best business and personal development books
  • Alternative to: Blinkist
  • Summaries include video, audio, and text formats for ease of use
  • Best for: Entrepreneurs and business leaders who want an ultra-efficient method to continue learning during their busy schedules.
  • All current and future book summaries
  • Get full access to the library for yourself
  • All future Individual Plan updates

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