Reslash Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Reslash Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Reslash Lifetime Deal!

Reslash Lifetime Deal enables you to create a virtual environment in which you can interact, work, study, and socialize all from one place.

You can build a one-of-a-kind experience with Reslash that goes beyond just speech and video.

Recreate a school, office, or even an evening club utilizing virtual space items to establish the tone.

You’ll be able to customize every aspect of the workplace using backdrops, GIFs, applications, pictures, and more to create a really unique environment.

Reslash allows you to have several talks in the same location, allowing anybody to join in at any moment.

You’ll be able to move closer to a person’s bubble on the screen to hear their chat and then move away after you’ve finished.

Instead of a video meeting, consider a team gathering that is truly conducive to discussing ideas and collaborating.

Reslash allows you to collaborate on several Google docs, whiteboards, and screen sharing, simulating a real-life brainstorming session.

Because you may have many groups working in the same location, there’s no need to join another call when you need to regroup.

Watching parties have suddenly gotten a whole lot more interesting. Bring your friends over to view YouTube videos that play in sync so that everyone may enjoy the material at the same time.

Working together in a virtual setting built for enjoyment may liven up your next virtual happy hour or family gathering.

Reslash Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Build virtual spaces that set the mood, from a chill bar lounge to a professional boardroom
  • Alternative to: and Zoom
  • Brainstorm with multiple whiteboards, screen shares, and apps in one space
  • Best for: Teams, teachers, and friends looking for a new way to create an inviting virtual space for gatherings.
  • Lifetime access to Reslash Team Starter Plan.
  • App access = Miro, Google Docs, and others
  • YouTube watch party
  • 15 pre-defined templates
  • Simultaneous screen shares per room
  • Custom wallpapers
  • Megaphone
  • User roles & permissions
    Unlimited minutes per team member
  • Unlimited rooms (1 for every 100 participants)
  • 75 team members (ability to act as room admin or room host)
  • 35 screen shares per room
  • 6 apps (Google docs, Miro, Whiteboard) per room
  • 15,000 guest minutes per month.

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