Rumble Studio Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Rumble Studio Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Rumble Studio Lifetime Deal

It does not matter whether you are creating a podcast, conducting a job interview, or collecting testimonials,

With Rumble Studio Lifetime Deal, you can easily prepare and record asynchronous interviews in a short period of time.

In this article, you will learn how to build an interview landing page that asks questions and collects responses in multiple formats without the need for any coding experience.

The tool starts by offering you a number of interview templates that you can use, or you can type in your own questions, either in text or audio format.

In order to participate in your interview, your guest will need to answer a prompt by recording or uploading audio, answering multiple choice questions, or submitting text, images, or videos.

The first step is to set up synchronous interviews and collect responses through audio, text, and video recordings.

It is possible to easily share your interviews with your guests using Rumble Studio, so you can interview individual guests or multiple guests at the same time.

Whether you want to invite participants via email or social media, or even embed an interview on your website, you can allow them to respond on their own schedule by sending links through email or social media.

With unlimited audio clips that can be automatically recorded and transcribed, it will be a breeze for you to review each submission in the future.

You can also work with team members on interviews and share your work with stakeholders thanks to advanced group permissions that allow you to collaborate with them.

By sending an invitation link, QR code, or embedding the interview on your website, you can share interviews with your guests.

On your dashboard, responses are organized and labeled in a manner that makes it easy to view, download, and mix sections from different interviews in order to find the best ones for your purposes.

Using Rumble Studio’s built-in mixing tool, you can make your podcasts sound even more professional by arranging audio clips, recording or uploading your intro and commentary, and even adding your own jingles or advertisements.

There are also automatic post-processing tools that can enhance your audio, such as noise reduction, silence removal, and auto-leveling.

You can then export high-quality audio in WAV and MP3 formats that are compatible with industry standards.

In addition to the white-label features provided by Rumble Studio, it also allows you to easily create a branded experience for your clients and guests.

If you want your podcast to look professional, then you can remove the Rumble Studio logo from the landing page.\

Rumble Studio Features:

  • Take-turns audio recorder™
  • Interview creator
  • Interview templates
  • Rumble invitation links
  • Unlimited audio recording and preview
  • High-quality audio exports in WAV and MP3
  • Bulk export and download
  • Advanced export mix tool
  • Magic sparkles audio enhancement
  • Royalty-free jingles and sound packs
  • Unlimited transcriptions
  • Text, image, and video capture
  • Training resources
  • 10 seat(s)
  • 150 exportable hours per month
  • Unlimited brand kits
  • White labeling

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