Scanlist Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Scanlist Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Scanlist Lifetime Deal

Craft Exceptional Marketing Copy with Ease: 70+ Copy Types at Your Fingertips

Creating high-quality marketing copy has never been simpler. Whether you need cold email templates, social media ad text, or compelling landing page CTAs, our platform has you covered with over 70 copy types.

The process is straightforward. Just select a template, answer a few straightforward questions about your intentions and the product you’re offering, and voila! You’ll receive top-notch marketing text that’s ready to use instantly.

Generate Complete Blog Articles in Minutes

Crafting a unique blog article from scratch is a breeze with Scanlist. No matter your topic, whether it’s website analytics or sourdough baking equipment, we’ve got you covered.

Follow these four simple steps to create an entirely original blog article. Start by brainstorming your article idea, choose an introduction that suits your style, confirm the outline, and with one click, your full article is ready!

Ensure Your Emails Are Deliverable and Readable

Worried about your cold email templates getting caught in spam filters? Put those concerns to rest with our Email Analyzer.

Scanlist provides instant checks for deliverability and readability. Not only that, but we offer suggestions to improve your email score, ensuring you’re ready to hit send in no time!

Effortlessly Gather Fresh Contacts from LinkedIn

Integrate lead generation directly into your workflow with Scanlist. It’s as simple as making a LinkedIn search for your target audience and hitting a button.

Scanlist takes care of the rest, saving the results in your dashboard. And here’s the best part – it works seamlessly even without a Sales Navigator subscription.

You can export contacts from any LinkedIn people search, Sales Navigator search, or Sales Navigator lists. Each contact includes 20+ data points, with options for business or personal email, or even both, along with free email verification.

Personalize Your Cold Outreach in a Few Clicks

Automatically generate personalized cold messages based on scraped profile data. Choose what suits your needs – a cold email, LinkedIn connection message, or an ice-breaker. Boost your outreach efforts effortlessly.

Scanlist Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money Back Guarantee- No Matter the reason.
  • Export contacts from profiles through LinkedIn search, SN search, and SN lists
  • Free email verification service
  • Create lead lists
  • Generate personalized sales messages using AI (Cold Email, Connection Message or Ice-breaker)
  • 1,800 monthly scan credits
  • 25,000 AI writer words per month
  • Credits are only spent when email is found
  • 1 Scan credit = 1 email address

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