Sellix Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Sellix Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Sellix Lifetime Deal

The Sellix platform is an ecommerce platform that lets you sell any type of digital product with a custom storefront, so it is suitable for any type of business.
When it comes to digital products, you can sell them on Sellix if they are digital.
It is possible to choose between a range of products such as files, software, downloads, license keys, as well as activation codes, on-demand custom services, subscriptions, memberships and more.
In just a few minutes, you can add new products to your storefront by adding details such as title, price, image, description, product type, and payment options.
Sellix Lifetime Deal provides all the features you need to handle product delivery, marketing, design, payments, and fraud prevention, so you do not need to rely on third-party applications.
With Sillix, you can build your own online store without ever needing to know how to code.
Getting your shop up and running in no time is possible if you use pre-designed templates or the advanced theme editor.
As the storefront can be customized with your branding, you can make this a unique, seamless shopping experience for your customers.
With Sellix, you will be able to instantly receive your payouts via cryptocurrencies or directly to your bank account as soon as they arrive.
In addition to Stripe, PayPal, or CashApp, you can also use Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and U.S. Dollars with the platform, giving you a choice of localized shopping experiences.
With Sellix’s cutting-edge payment processing technology, you also get the lowest transaction fees.
The built-in Fraud Shield helps you block fraudulent transactions without affecting the overall experience for your customers.
In addition, Sillix’s fraud detection algorithm also enables you to automatically block common types of fraudulent credit card transactions using our fraud detection algorithm.
The digital shops owners have the peace of mind they can prevent false disputes from happening when they have this in-house fraud detection software to prevent fraudulent transactions from happening.

Sellix Features:

  • No transaction fees on annual AppSumo limits
  • Unlimited orders and products
  • Unlimited coupons
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Customization
  • Access to Cash App gateway
  • 25 managers per shop
  • 200 MB file size limit
  • 1 TB cloud storage limit
  • 20 shops
  • 15 custom domains
  • $1,500,000 total annual revenue limit

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