Shortpixel Lifetime Deal | Reduce images and get rank.

Shortpixel Lifetime Deal | Reduce images and get rank.

Shortpixel Lifetime Deal.

Now you can increase your SEO ranking by just compressing your images with the most advanced and world-leading WordPress plugin called Shortpixel currently available for lifetime Lifetime Deal

It is a high-powered compressor and optimizer for your WordPress website which will drastically reduce image file size and this will helps you to improve your website performance and SEO ranking.

Advanced compression technology reduces image sizes of up to 90%.

No matter which type of format you are using like JPG, PDF, GIF, PNG,  web, images of the best version of themselves.

it provides you different types of reactions like glossy compression lossy compression and lossless compression for your images.

Now you are thinking about the quality of your images but don’t worry because image quality will be unaffected because this plugin uses advanced technology.

Shortpixel Lifetime Deal has two powerful WordPress plugins that can automatically optimize your images.

You can easily install both plug-ins directly to your WordPress website by which you can manage your WordPress images reduction process.

The first is the short pixel image optimizer for WordPress which optimizes images automatically.

Which also reduces the size of images on your WordPress website past history.

The next plugin is a short pixel adaptive images plugin that properly resizes and optimizing images with its most advanced automatically cropping system which detects the subject of an image and then crop to emphasizes that subject.

The images plugin will help you to reduce the size of larger images and also reduce their placeholder like 500-pixel x 500-pixel images a 100-pixel x 100 pixels.

This plugin is an SEO powerhouse that makes your site extremely fast so you can get the ranking that you deserve.

This plugin also supports web format to that browser who has this functionality so you can use a lazy load facility of this plugin with its lifetime deal.

You are thinking this is a simple plugin but you are wrong because this plugin also has tons of features like image compression, image optimization, quick backups to the power full on an algorithm, image resize, crop, and more.

Shortpixel Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Optimize your images and boost site performance and SEO ranking, with a plugin for automatic image compression
  • An alternative to: TinyPNG and Imagify
  • Properly size and smart-crop pictures to fit in placeholders with the ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin
  • Best for: Site owners and web agencies looking to help clients cut down on-site load time and improve rankings.
  • Lifetime access to ShortPixel Large Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Large Plan updates
  • Stack up to 5 codes
  • GDPR compliant (partner verified)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • Features Included in All Plans
  • Optimize and serve images on the fly via our global CDN
  • Shopify app
  • PHP tools that work for any website
  • Automatic image optimization with a single click
  • No file size limit
  • Use on multiple websites.
  • 45,000 Image optimization credits/month
  • Up to 375 GB of CDN traffic/month.


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