ShortySMS Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

ShortySMS Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

ShortySMS Lifetime Deal

Don’t waste any more time and get started with SMS marketing today.

In the case of SMS, the opening rate can be up to four times higher than that of email, and ShortySMS Lifetime Deal enables you to maximize this effective marketing channel.

Take advantage of the easy-to-use interface and get started with SMS marketing immediately, so you can stop researching and start converting today.

You can start collecting leads for your SMS campaigns and automations as soon as possible by using the built-in lead generation forms.

The good news is that you can quickly import your CSV files if you have leads from previous SMS campaigns so that you can start marketing immediately.

After you have imported the CSV files, you can immediately start creating SMS campaigns.

The ShortySMS scheduling tool makes it super easy for you to schedule your SMS campaigns once you have started collecting or importing your leads.

Make distinct lists for your favorite customers, agencies, clients, and more, so that your communication with them is as precise as possible.

If you plan your SMS campaigns accordingly, you will then be able to schedule them to be sent automatically, helping to automate your outreach efforts.

Additionally, ShortySMS comes with a private phone number that is automatically generated for you,

So that you never need to share your number with anyone-responses go right to your dashboard!

With the automatically supplied number, you will be able to contact your customers straight from your dashboard.

Sometimes, just as in the world of email marketing, you might want to set up automatic sequences that start when someone joins your list of subscribers.

It can send SMS messages automatically by creating sequences with ShortySMS.

You will be able to easily set up triggers for how new members are added to the mailing list, the interval between messages in your sequence, as well as much more with just a few clicks.

ShortySMS delivers the shortcodes so that subscribers are able to join your automation by texting the shortcode to your number.

Using shortcodes and other custom triggers, you can create SMS sequences.

In order to optimize and improve your campaigns, you’ll have all the data you need with ShortySMS.

It is possible to track results and measure the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns through the dashboard.

Find important insights into your contact growth, click rates, opt-outs, and a lot more to get a clear picture of the real results you’re getting.

ShortySMS Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • 25 numbers (no number provided)
  • International texting
  • API and Zapier access
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Unlimited MMS

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