Sidekick Ai Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Sidekick Ai Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Sidekick Ai Lifetime Deal

With Sidekick Ai,Lifetime Deal you will be able to manage your scheduling in a smart way since it offers customizable scheduling pages and automatic scheduling.

Sidekick AI enables you to schedule meetings quickly and painlessly with numerous ways available to book your meetings.

For individual use, you can set up a custom scheduling page or you can invite your team to sync their calendars to Sidekick for group scheduling.

As a creator, you are able to customize your scheduling page by adding custom meeting types, meeting types permissions, and preferences,

so that you have complete control over how users schedule meetings with you.

You can create different meeting scheduling pages for different types of meetings with Sidekick AI, including discovery calls, demos, and kickoff calls.

Guests can use a scheduling link that you share with them so that they can quickly schedule a time with you—without any back-and-forth.

Make it as easy as possible for guests to meet you, whether in person, through a video call, or with a phone call, so they can choose the method that is best for them.

Moreover, you will be able to add a logo or a description to your photo so that everyone knows what to expect when they come to the meeting.

Your scheduling pages can be easily integrated with your favorite tools, like Zoom, Google Calendar, Outlook, and Gmail, for quick and easy access to your scheduling workflow.

In that case, you can give people multiple options for how they want to meet with you on video, so they can choose the video platform most suitable for them.

As part of Sidekick AI’s calendar event creation, it will also automatically send out meeting invitations to all involved parties.

Not only that, but it will also remind you when meetings are approaching.

The Sidekick AI app, powered by the power of artificial intelligence, helps you schedule meetings as easily as forwarding an email to your Sidekick.

The tool will analyze your availability after you forward the meeting request email to your Sidekick,

which will then use language processing and machine learning to determine whether the meeting time and date are suitable.

You will be notified via email and Sidekick will immediately book the meeting for you, send a confirmation to the guest, and add the meeting to your calendar if the time and date are available.

You can not be available at that time, so if your guest contacts you back, Sidekick will ask them to select an available time from your schedule page instead.

Sidekick Ai Features:

  • Unlimited scheduled meetings
  • Unlimited groups and contacts
  • Unlimited sources and calendar
  • Add your own logo
  • Scheduling pages
  • Forward to schedule
  • Team pages for team scheduling
  • Meeting analytics and data
  • 10 team members
  • Remove Sidekick Ai branding

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