SignalZen Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

SignalZen Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

SignalZen Lifetime Deal

The SignalZen Lifetime Deal with live chat solution allows users to chat with visitors to their websites via Slack.

It is easy and intuitive to integrate SignalZen with your applications. It is possible to connect your SignalZen account with Slack for example.

The users can choose between two types of bot integrations once they grant the bot access to their account.

It is possible for users to receive chat sessions via the desired channel, and respond to threads to converse with website visitors.

As a result of the usage of new channels for each chat session, users receive chat sessions according to a desired channel and can talk to website visitors as they see fit.

Using SignalZen appsumo Slack integration, users will be able to communicate via threads, create operators automatically, search within the chat, take note of visitor information, save replies, get notified when new chat sessions are started, and more.

A SignalZen Administration Console allows users to manage all aspects of SignalZen services, such as auditing, interacting with website visitors, viewing statistics, and configuring all live chat journeys inside SignalZen.

It is possible to change widget colors, positioning, localization, multilingual features, form builder, saved replies, auto invitation, and other features.

Support your customers with a powerful live chat widget that provides fast and effective service.

It can be customized by adding all your own colors, text, live chat icons, etc. You can do this all from our online administration console.

There are 9 different variations of Live Chat buttons that you can choose from. The whole widget is completely customizable in terms of color.

You can translate your Live Chat widget into multiple languages, change the colour palette, add automatic invitations, and a whole lot more.

Show your visitors a tree view of topics that contains text and links so that they are able to view the topics before starting a live chat.

We ensured all our live chat features were similar and that we comply with all GDPR guidelines.

SignalZen Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Unlimited chats
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Premium support
  • Up to 1 subdomain
  • Up to 5 operators

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