SQR QR Generator Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

SQR QR Generator Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

SQR QR Generator Lifetime Deal

QR codes and short links can be created dynamically with SQR. However, it is capable of so much more than that. There is no limit to what you can accomplish with it and it can become a complete marketing machine.

You can add QR codes to your marketing materials and website so that mobile users will be able to scan a QR code with their mobile devices to find out about your business card, email, or other information.

The QR codes Lifetime Deal provides you with the most advanced QR code technology at a low-cost price (one payment, lifetime access), and you don’t have to have any technical knowledge as we provide all the technical support for you. It’s as simple as uploading a file to our system and then letting us handle the rest on your behalf.

You can measure the success of your QR code campaign as it happens. Keep track of where your code is being scanned as well as how many people are scanning it.

It is possible to create a custom domain! It is non-limited. Your QR codes will be able to be tracked with the help of pixels. It is completely possible to customize your QR codes in the colors and with the logo of your choice.

Depending on the format of the QR code, you can download it as a SVG, PNG, JPG, or WEBP file. You can adjust the size and the ability to correct the error. The dashboard provides detailed information about the analytics.

Dashboard has been redesigned. A new QR generator has been added to the website. By connecting QR codes to a project, you will be able to organise your QR codes more efficiently. Developed a new system for dynamic links and revised the existing one.

Make sure you add pixels. It is possible to schedule a temporary URL in advance.

A/B testing is done on the basis of: Country, Device type, Browser language, Targeting by Country. Activate your password. Make sure you export all the information you have collected. It is possible to access APIs. You can add team members to the team.

SQR QR Generator Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Unlimited Trackable short links
  • Unlimited Pixels (Facebook, Twitter, Google analytics/tag manager, Pinterest, Quora, and LinkedIn)
  • Unlimited Customisable QR images
  • Unlimited days statistics retention
  • Unlimited Saved QR codes
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Dynamic QR codes
  • Password protection
  • API Access
  • Additional domains

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