Storydoc Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Storydoc Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Storydoc Lifetime Deal

Now it is easy for you to create an engaging presentation just by using storydoc lifetime deal. It also allows you to create eye-catching case studies and white papers to stand out from your competition.

Connect your website, and Storydoc will automatically extract your brand’s colors, logo, and other assets.

You can also integrate your calendar and let recipients schedule a meeting straight from your presentation.

Plus, you’ll be able to embed videos from YouTube, Vidyard, and others into your presentations, which makes demos and walkthroughs a breeze.

Create interactive slides complete with calendar functionality and video embeds.
Want to increase your chances of making the sale? Add instant personalization to your deck to tailor the materials for your prospect.

You can also drop in dynamic variables like names, company names, or a custom message, and fill in the blanks before you send.

And because personalization goes a long way in making the recipient feel special and primed for the sale, you’re bound to see a boost in conversions.

Add dynamic variables to your decks to make personalization quick and easy.
Storydoc also lets you track engagement metrics for every lead, so you can make smarter decisions with your team.

Get real-time notifications on your lead’s behavior, which helps you know where a deal stands and when to follow up.

You’ll be able to use Storydoc’s engagement score to optimize your slides based on real-time behavioral data—and remove the guesswork.

Storydoc Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Unlimited interactive slides and versions
  • Fully animated templates
  • Unlimited traffic to your links
  • Gallery of stock images, videos, and icons
  • Presentation analytics
  • Online hosting of your assets
  • 15 users
  • No Storydoc branding

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