Synthesys Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Synthesys Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Synthesys Lifetime Deal

The Synthesys Lifetime Deal provides the ability to create AI-generated videos and voiceovers using a range of voices including voices from humans and avatars.

With Synthesys, you are able to create multilingual videos and voiceover content easily using real actors and voices in order to bring your content to life.

This platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Whether you’re looking for a spokesperson for a product, a service, or your organization, you can choose from over 300 voices that cover dozens of languages, accents, and moods. Alternatively, you can upload your own voice.

The avatar’s cadence can even be controlled by adding pauses to the dialogue, altering the speed, and verifying the pronunciation.

There is a wide variety of hyper-realistic avatars available for text-to-video content, including avatars representing a wide range of languages, ethnicities, and ages.

There is no technical knowledge required to create a scene between multiple presenters using Synthesys as you can merge those presenters into one video without needing to create multiple segments.

Your avatar’s location can be adjusted on-screen to fit any project, such as an online course, product tour, or training video.

Furthermore, you will be able to add prerecorded soundtracks and backgrounds to any video, which will make your content more interesting for your viewers and make it more engaging for them.

In Synthesys Lifetime Deal Provide different language options, backgrounds, and soundtracks for your videos so that they can appeal to a wide range of audiences.

With this easy to use interface, you won’t have any problem creating engaging and hyper-personalized content from PDFs, blogs, or PowerPoint slides that you’ve created previously.

If you want to produce multi-slide videos that last up to 12 minutes, you can even go into the Synthesys editor and upload your own images or videos.

As a cloud-based application, you have the option of creating and editing voiceover content from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Creating cross-market promotions and training videos to present to clients and employees around the world is now a breeze with a robust platform like this.

If you need to address the latest events in the world or introduce a new product promotion, you can always edit your content on the go.

Synthesys Features:

  • Money-back guarantee! Regardless of the reason.
  • Access to 73 humatars (extra outfits included)
  • Access to 66 languages and 254 general voices (and all-new languages and general voices to come)
  • Upload your own voice
  • Full video customization
  • Fully web-based
  • Access to 30 real human voices
  • Unlimited videos per month
  • Unlimited voice-over downloads per month

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