Trolly Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Trolly Lifetime Deal-Pay Once And Never Again

Trolly Lifetime Deal

Meet Trolly: Your AI Content Generator for Effortless SEO Content Production at Scale

Trolly stands as your AI-driven content generator, a dynamic tool that empowers teams to craft and publish SEO-optimized content with remarkable ease and efficiency.

Trolly’s AI-powered SEO content wizard serves as your guide, leading you through the creation of SEO articles via step-by-step instructions.

It’s as straightforward as entering your desired topic and primary keywords to generate meticulously researched article outlines, perfectly aligning with your content calendar.

Tailor your articles to your precise needs, choosing from varying lengths, ranging from concise 1,500-word pieces to comprehensive 5,500-word masterworks.

Furthermore, Trolly allows you to create content in over 10 languages, effortlessly expanding your reach to a global audience, all without the need for costly translation services.

SEO Content Generation Generate SEO-optimized articles by following the content wizard’s intuitive, step-by-step instructions. Scale your content production effortlessly, maximizing your output without draining your resources or effort.

Set up a publishing schedule for your bulk articles, enabling you to release them all at once or gradually over time.

Rest assured, all your articles undergo grammar checks to ensure top-notch quality, saving you valuable editing time.

And just before your content goes live, you retain full control with the in-app editor, allowing you to fine-tune your articles to perfection.

Bulk Content Generation Publish dozens of articles daily with the bulk generation feature. Trolly consolidates all your content within a single platform, eliminating the need to sift through folders and emails.

From your dashboard, you can seamlessly oversee all your campaigns, monitor your content volume, and evaluate performance metrics.

Trolly simplifies collaboration by enabling you to add multiple team members to your account, ensuring a smooth and cohesive workflow.

Centralized Content Management Effortlessly organize and manage all your content directly from your Trolly dashboard. No more manual posting hassles! Trolly offers seamless integration with your WordPress site, facilitating direct content publication.

Additionally, this AI content generator seamlessly integrates with Zapier, opening the door to connect with thousands of apps to streamline your workflow.

For ultimate flexibility, you can leverage Trolly’s API to embed AI-powered content creation into your in-house tools, websites, and applications.

Comprehensive Integrations Integrate Trolly seamlessly with your websites, apps, and in-house tools to enhance your workflow.

Trolly Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Money Back Guarantee- No Matter the reason.
  • Text editor
  • Auto SEO optimization
  • 20+ languages (and all future languages)
  • Grammar checker
  • In-article images and videos
  • Bulk article generator
  • API access
  • Zapier and WordPress integrations
  • Built-in templates
  • AI engine: OpenAI ChatGPT3.5 and GPT-4 (and all future added AI models)
  • Unlimited articles per month
  • 5 user seat(s)
  • Team access

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