Videopeel Lifetime Deal | Best Tool For Testimonial

Videopeel Lifetime Deal | Best Tool For Testimonial

Videopeel Lifetime Deal- the best tool for getting your customer testimonials.

Video Peele is an online platform for the collection, sharing, and management of real video testimonials in one place.

As we know that one customer trust on other customer reviews or testimonials.

And also today the testimonial is the most powerful marketing tool which gives your audience the right direction.

Videopeel allows you to get a neat and clean video testimonial from your customer.

You can respond to your customer and also you are able to customize instructions. It will allow you to send them a link to your customer to record a video from his smartphone or his computer.

The best part is that the customer doesn’t require any download or log in.

All the information is seen by your customer including your branding.

So your brand awareness will also increase.

Whenever you want to send a link to your customer you are able to choose how you would like to send it like, using email, SMS, messenger, mobile, and more to make it easier for your customer to communicate with you.

Videopeel also gives you to collect your customer name, email address, photo, to keep building your relationship with your customers easily.

And now the privacy concern is rising but don’t worry.

Because video peel lets you control the privacy policy and terms and conditions for each campaign.


Each of your customers knows exactly how you can use their videos for your business.

And after that whenever your customer recorded his testimonial you are able to show your customer a thank you page for their appreciation and to build your relationship and trust.

The thank-you page of your company and also contain call-to-action for the customer to share their video on Facebook or so they can able to submit a review on Google or Amazon in just some simple clicks.

Videopeel always keeping all your testimonial in one place.

You are able to use the tag to organize your video by categories, products,  and then it will also allow you to quickly filter through them.

Now your videos are ready.

You are able to display your video on the WordPress website, your Shopify store, and more platforms by using video Peele browser player which works on any web.

The video will also integrate YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, and more.

Videopeel Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Easily request and collect customer videos with a shareable link through any communication channel – no download or login needed
  • Alternative to: Boast
  • Manage video submissions, permissions, and transcriptions, and publish to your site, Shopify store, Facebook, Amazon, and more!
  • Best for: Digital marketers who want real video testimonials from their customers to optimize their campaigns.
  • Lifetime access to VideoPeel (Premium Plan features)
  • All future plan updates (Premium Plan)
  • Stack unlimited codes
  • Only for new VideoPeel users who do not have existing accounts
  • Features Included in All Plans
  • Unlimited custom video collection campaigns
  • Remote video capturing (phone, tablet, & desktop)
  • Multiple prompts
  • Custom video rights management
  • Video hosting, transcoding and encryption
  • Download videos
  • Capture user lead info
  • Tagging & filtering videos for easy use
  • Reply to submission directly from VideoPeel
  • Video submission notifications
  • Collect photos
  • Customized thank you page with links and Calls to Action (Google, FB, or Amazon)
  • Publish videos (dynamic plugin)
  • Video syndication (YouTube and Facebook)
  • Campaign templates
  • Video carousel player
  • Video transcriptions (coming soon)
  • Ability to recruit from VideoPeel’s Consumer Video Network (coming soon)
  • Video editing (coming soon)
  • Multi-user (coming soon
  • Zapier integration (coming soon)

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