VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal!

This is VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal which is a website planning application that assists you in creating and collaborating on visually easy-to-understand sitemaps.

Your website’s framework becomes crystal clear with VisualSitemap so you can audit, understand, optimize, and share it.

You can crush the competition if you analyze existing websites for good UI strategies and sitemaps.

By using VisualSitemaps’ drag-and-drop editor, you can organize web pages even if they are very complex, make your team collaborate easily, and create web pages that are easy to sort and tag.

Once you have created your sitemap, you have the ability to explore creative planning and prototyping using intuitive editing tools.

As you rearrange pages, edit titles, add new sections, and upload screenshots, maintain a master copy of your sitemap.

Through the Visual QA feature, you will not only get plenty of inspiration for your online presence, but you will also be able to audit the sites of your competitors.

To automate internal QA and maintain consistency across versions of your site, create scheduled crawls.

By putting in the sites and pages you want to track, the built-in artificial intelligence keeps you informed of any site progress.

Watch the sites to know when new prices, pages, and images are posted and to see when the sites get updated.

Take screenshots of your competitors’ best strategies and features with VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal.

Write your comments right on the screenshots, and then send them to your teammates or clients for feedback.

The app and email notifications let your team know when notifications are received. In addition, conversations threaded together and workflow management tools allow for easy collaboration.

In order to continuously monitor and optimize web applications, you can conduct web audits on public and private sites—even if they are password protected!

The only application that allows you to crawl most private-based web dashboards, VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal allows you to map any type of user interface.

It is possible to access up to 30,000 pages within a few hours and plug in XML URLs in order to crawl specific sites and find broken links.

Sitemaps can also be exported in a number of formats for your convenience.

VisualSitemaps Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Simply enter a URL and get a thumbnail-based visual architecture of any public or private website*
  • Alternative to: Rarchy and PowerMapper
  • Easily collaborate on web research and development with a site annotation, threaded conversations, and more
  • Best for: Designers, developers, marketers, and businesses that want to plan successful websites and improve their UXUnlimited active sitemaps
  • Unlimited domain crawls
  • Unlimited crawl depth
  • Crawl private sites
  • Exports as PDF, CSV, and JSON
  • Screenshot annotations
  • Sitemap editing
  • Scheduled crawls
  • Visual QA comparisons
  • Custom tags
  • 30,000 pages per month
  • 3,000-page max sitemap size
  • Unlimited users

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