Crigloo Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Vyte Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

Vyte Lifetime Deal

Vyte Lifetime Deal is an appointment and group scheduling platform that connects a user’s calendar and video platform for seamless synchronization of events and appointments.

When you use Vyte, your calendars sync across Google, Office 365, CalDAV, Exchange, and iCloud so people can see when you’re free.

It is also possible to customize the booking page with your branding and, in addition, you can choose the duration of your meeting, the location, and your availability (like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom).

If you want to make the booking process easy for your clients and contacts to book meetings with you, you can also share the link to your Vyte page.

Moreover, Vyte is capable of automatically updating all participants’ calendars, so no one will miss a meeting.

Make sure that each type of appointment has a unique URL, configuration, and available options that depend on exactly what type of appointment it is.

With Vyte, you can even adjust the visibility of your different appointment types from public to private, so you can choose who can see each specific meeting topic.

As a result, the booking page will transform into a Hub, which displays all types of public appointments that can be joined by participants.

As a result of the smart scheduling features, you are able to easily find an appropriate time and date for every member of your team to be able to attend a meeting.

Depending on your availability and preferences, you can suggest dates and locations, and ask your team members to vote on their preferences, either by email or a link.

As you suggest times on Vyte, you will be able to see your team members’ availability overlaid with yours as you suggest dates and times.

As soon as the results of the poll have been announced, you can confirm the date, time, and location of your next meeting with one click, and everybody on your team will be notified.

You can quickly see all your scheduled meetings for the day, week, or month in the calendar view, whether they were booked directly through Vyte or imported from another tool.

With the help of the calendar and the table views, you can easily view your schedule for the day.

Even your teammates’ availability can be viewed from the platform, so you can find the most convenient time to meet one-on-one quickly.

Vyte Features:

  • Personal scheduling link
  • Google Calendar sync
  • Office 365 calendar sync
  • Exchange calendar sync
  • Connect multiple calendars with your Vyte account
  • 2 different calendar pickers (by slot or calendar view)
  • See everyone’s availability directly in Vyte
  • Double booking prevention
  • 1-on-1 and group meetings
  • Seamless time zone management
  • Accessible on all devices
  • All Pro Plan Features
  • 20 user(s)

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