WotNot Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

WotNot Lifetime Deal-Pay Once & Never Again

WotNot Lifetime Deal

Wotnot Lifetime Deal comes with smart chatbot builder with no-code features that will let you build a scalable tool to automate your customer service and lead generation.

Wotnot gives you the ability to build chatbots that engage your visitors on your site without having to write a single line of code.

Take advantage of a professional template to jumpstart the creation of chatbots, or build from scratch with the ability to clone, rebuild, and deploy them according to your requirements.

There is no limit to how many chatbots you can create and deploy. The bots can be placed on your website, facebook messenger, and whats app.

Easily customize your bot and deploy it on different social media platforms without the need to learn any coding.

The wotnot chatbot eliminates any feeling that your website visitors are chatting with a robot by making it easy for you to create personalized and engaging conversations to improve the customer experience.

In addition to its intuitive visual interface, the platform includes readymade scripts that can be further customized to help you create the conversation flow you desire.

In addition, wotnot automatically saves your entire progress in real-time, so when you need to make changes to your bot, you can always go back to a past version.

Engage your site visitors through engaging conversation workflows.

Live chat is a feature that allows you to view and analyze all the conversations that are occurring between your bot and visitors across all the channels on which it has been deployed.

It won’t take you very long to discover who’s speaking, where they’re speaking from, and what they’re talking about-all from a single place.

Do you want to take control of a conversation?

Wotnot Gives you the option of transferring the chat to a person who can answer any complex questions or concerns.

When human intervention is required, a live customer service representative can take part in a live chat to replace the chatbot.

With wotnot chatbot analytics feature, you can look at business-centric kp is, such as the amount of revenue generated, cost savings, and conversion rate using the chatbot.

You will be able to see the pipeline that your chatbot generates for your business, and you will be able to define a dollar value for the leads generated,

So you will know how many of these leads are attributable to the bot.

As well as displaying engagement data, you will also be able to examine low-engagement blocks for better conversions by improving the messaging of those blocks that are low in engagement.

WotNot Features:

  • Unlimited live chat seats
  • API access
  • One domain per account
  • Unlimited Facebook pages and WhatsApp accounts
  • Team and teammate management
  • Multi-lingual
  • Trigger conditions
  • 25,000 conversations per month
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited bots
  • Human handover
  • Remove WotNot branding

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